Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

A disability access and inclusion plan is a strategy for building accessible and inclusive communities and practices for the benefit of all.

Deakin's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2018–2020) describes the steps the University will take to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. The Plan is framed around goals and strategies for people, community and the organisation to realise individual, group and organisational change. Specific actions are developed annually for each strategy, and these are also monitored and reported on annually.

Goal 1: People

We listen and respond to people with disability to enable success and equitable outcomes.

Goal 1 strategies

  • Provide opportunities for input and feedback on access and inclusion from students and staff with disability
  • Improve collection, analysis and reporting from current and new sources of data to contribute to planning and improvement
  • Monitor and communicate trends and issues relating to the implementation of reasonable adjustments for students and staff with disability to inform practice
  • Improve resources and support for the implementation of reasonable adjustments for students with disability
  • Develop strategies to improve the retention and success of students with disabilities
  • Develop strategies to improve employment outcomes for students with disability

Goal 2: Community

We build capacity, develop partnerships and practice, and provide resources and support to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Goal 2 strategies

  • Continue to improve Deakin’s online and digital environment to be as accessible and inclusive as possible
  • Continue to review, develop and support inclusive teaching and learning practice
  • Actively increase the contribution to government and community initiatives relevant to people with disability and promote Deakin’s research in inclusion and disability, exploring further opportunities for partnerships
  • Continue to implement plans to improve the built environment and develop communication strategies to ensure people with disability are not disadvantaged during building works and maintenance

Goal 3: Organisation

We develop and implement policy, planning and leadership that promotes access and inclusion for all.

Goal 3 strategies

  • Implement and monitor the Higher Education Standards Guidelines for Equity and Diversity
  • Develop a system to consider access and inclusion when reviewing and developing relevant policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Extend the personal and professional learning of the University’s leaders in disability access and inclusion
  • Promote Deakin as an inclusive environment for all people with disability – students, staff and visitors

About the Plan

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2018–2020) builds on the work undertaken by the University since its first Disability Discrimination Act Action Plan was devised in 2000. It was developed in response to feedback from students and staff and takes into account current University initiatives.

The Plan is registered with the Australian Human Rights Commission. It demonstrates the University's commitment to inclusive policies and practices and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth), and the related Disability Standards for Education 2005.

The Plan will be updated as necessary in response to feedback and organisational and legal changes.

Progress and achievements

In developing this Plan, a review of progress since the Disability Action Plan (2012–2015) was undertaken, including through survey data and feedback from students and staff about Deakin's performance in relation to access and inclusion for people with disability.

The review process revealed the following achievements:

  • Deakin has a strategic focus on access and equity, which is reflected in its policy framework, mission and core commitments.
  • Deakin staff have a strong commitment to being welcoming, inclusive and supportive; they value diversity; and many have a high-level understanding of supporting a diverse student and staff population, including their legal responsibilities.
  • Significant advances have been made to progress the key strategies of the 2012–2015 Plan in the areas of environmental and digital access and inclusion, and supporting mental health for staff and students.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Plan, please contact us:

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