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About key and access requests including who is eligible and the process to request and collect your key.

Obtaining a key/access

The following people can obtain a key or access card:

  • University student
  • Students (conditions apply according to Faculty)
  • Contractors / visitors / lessees (conditions apply)

The policy on keys, access cards and locks is named 'Security Procedure' and can be found in Deakin's policy library.

Request a key/access

Students may make the following requests online:

  • New key
  • New access (if you have had a student ID card produced already)
  • Update access on an existing access card

The process

  • Log on to the online request system.
  • Select the request you’d like to make and follow the prompts to fill in each information field
  • Upon submitting the request your authoriser will receive an email notification and the request will be approved/rejected. You will receive an email confirmation upon approval/rejection including any notes pertinent to your request.
  • All approved requests will be processed by Campus Services Division.
  • If you have requested a key, you will receive an email when it’s ready. You’ll need to bring ID when you come to collect it.
  • Requests for access will be added to your student ID card.  You will receive an email once this has been completed.
  • You will be unable to request a replacement key online that has been lost or stolen until it has been reported online.  Click here to report a lost key..

There are some request types that are managed manually, for security and administrative reasons.

Request Type


Change a request for keys or access cards  Please email enquiries for keys to or access card to

Replacement of lost/stolen keys/access cards

Please report any lost or stolen keys/cards via the online access request form

Replacement of lost/stolen/broken card

If your access card is broken a new Deakin Card (Student ID) can be printed at Student Central. The new card will activate with the same access within 3 hours and will cancel your old card.  Printing will activate in 1 hour.

Collecting your key

Most key requests will be ready to collect within four working days of your request being approved by your authoriser, however, in exceptional circumstances this may take longer.

Keys must be collected in person from the Student Central selected on your request. They cannot be mailed or sent out to you. You will receive an email when the key is ready and will need to present ID when you go to collect it.

If you leave the University

All keys and access cards should be returned to Student Central.

For more information

Access the frequently asked questions (FAQs)


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