Domestic and family violence

Deakin recognises staff and students may experience situations of domestic and family violence that may impact upon their attendance or performance at work or on their studies.

Contact Safer Community

Contact us online
Phone 03 9244 3734 (9am–4pm, Monday to Friday)
All assistance is confidential.

For staff needing to access domestic and family violence leave please refer to the policy and procedure and email

Signs of domestic and family violence

For many reasons it can be difficult for someone to recognise the signs of domestic and family violence.

Domestic and family violence is any behaviour that causes physical, sexual or emotional damage or causes someone to live in fear. The non-physical forms of abuse can be just as damaging as sexual and physical violence. If someone feels disrespected, unable to be themselves, afraid to disagree or negotiate for what they want, this may be a sign of abuse.

Forms of abuse

  • Emotional abuse
  • Social abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Sexual harm
  • Stalking
  • Physical abuse
  • Spiritual abuse

Effects of domestic and family violence

All forms of abuse have damaging consequences. A person's confidence can become worn down by abuse.

  • For Victims
  • For Children
  • For Families

Leaving an abusive relationship

No-one likes, asks for or wants to live with abuse or violence, but working out what to do, or whether to stay or leave can be hard.

Responding to disclosures of domestic family violence

Safer Community staff are trained to provide members of the Deakin University community with advice, information and referrals regarding family violence. Safer Community can assist with:

  • advice and information on increased personal safety
  • information regarding applying for a personal safety order (intervention order) through police or direct application to a Magistrates’ Court
  • referrals regarding crisis payments to assist with immediate financial concerns
  • referrals for emergency accommodation advice
  • referrals to free legal services.

Business hours response

  • Safer Community staff can provide phone and email advice, as well as in-person appointments.
  • We provide information and advice regarding university supports, workplace and academic accommodation, as well as information and referrals to external agencies (such as courts, police, counselling, legal services and housing).
  • We can provide strategies on improving personal safety and develop safety plans.
  • Our service aims to empower the person impacted by D&FV to make informed choices and decisions with consideration to their circumstances.

After hours response

Internal supports

External supports

Immediate response and attendance

If immediate assistance is required on campus call Deakin Security on 1800 062 579 and state your location, or use the SafeZone App.

If immediate assistance is required off campus dial 000 and ask for police.

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