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Exclusion and suspension

Academic Progress and Integrity Committee decisions to exclude or suspend you may have implications on your student visa.

What is an exclusion or suspension?

If you do not meet satisfactory course progression, have engaged in academic misconduct, or breached the Student Code of Conduct, you could be excluded or suspended from your course or from the University.

Deakin is obligated to report a finalised decision to exclude or suspend your enrolment to the Department of Home Affairs. This will result in the cancellation of your current CoE and may have an impact on your student visa.

We understand that going through the exclusion or suspension process can be very difficult and we encourage you to access the counselling service and financial assistance offered by Deakin. You are also highly recommended to seek advice from a DUSA Advocate who can attend review meetings with you.

If you have questions or concerns regarding non‐academic support, you can book an appointment with the International Student Support team or email iss@deakin.edu.au for assistance.

What happens if I’m excluded?

If you are excluded, your enrolment will be terminated and you will be ineligible for re-admission until the end of your exclusion period. You will receive a notification once your exclusion has been reported to the Department of Home Affairs and your CoE has been cancelled.

The Department of Home Affairs will consider all of the information available to them and may decide to consider cancelling your student visa, and if so, they will send you a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation prior to the final decision to cancel your visa.

During your exclusion period, you must still fulfil the conditions of your student visa in order to remain in Australia. You must make arrangements to enrol in a new course of study that is of the same AQF level your student visa was granted for, either at Deakin or another education provider, within 28 days of your CoE cancellation. Failing to do so may result in the cancellation of your student visa.

If your exclusion is specific to your course and not from the University, you may apply to enrol in another course at Deakin during your exclusion period.

Your exclusion period could be for a specified duration, or permanently from the University.

If you have the right to re-admit, you may apply for re-admission in a study period that is after your exclusion period. Please visit Readmission after academic or general misconduct exclusion for further information.

What happens if I’m suspended?

If you are suspended, your enrolment will be terminated for a specified study period(s), but you have an automatic right of return at the end of your suspension period. You do not need to apply for re-admission if you have been suspended.

You will receive a notification once your suspension has been reported to the Department of Home Affairs along with an updated course map plan. If your course completion date will change due to your suspension, you will receive a new CoE.

If your suspension is for more than 6 months, your student visa may be cancelled. You can check your visa status through Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) or with the Australian Diplomatic Mission to confirm whether your student visa is still valid.

If your student visa is cancelled, or if it expires before you return to Australia, you will need to apply for a new student visa.

At the end of your suspension period, you will regain access to Deakin systems and can enrol for the upcoming study period. If you have any issues with access, or if you have any enquiries about the course map plan issued to you, please contact Student Central for assistance.

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