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Fast online feedback

Upload your draft for fast feedback, or chat live to Deakin's Studiosity service for instant feedback on writing, or a maths, science, study question.


Fast online feedback

Studiosity is an online study support service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its easy-to-use dashboard gives you instant access to online chat sessions or written feedback within 24 hours.

You can:

  • upload your draft for fast feedback to check you're on the right track with your draft, or
  • chat live for instant feedback on writing, or a maths, science, study question.

What Deakin students are asking

'This has to be a report structure, can you see if this reads ok?'

'Does my conclusion make sense?'

'I’m making two very different arguments here, can you give any feedback?'

'I’m getting the wrong answer for x, but my working looks ok, can we chat through it?'

You have access to eight free interactions each trimester, which you can use alongside our other study support services. You can keep track of these in your Studiosity account dashboard.

Read more FAQs on the Studiosity website

How Studiosity works

A walk through of Studiosity for students.

How to register and log in

When you access your Studiosity account you will be asked to create a PIN (for first-time users) and accept the terms and conditions of use.

Next time you want to use Studiosity, simply log in via DeakinSync.

Access my Studiosity account

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