Supervised online exams

Information for supervised online exams at Deakin

About supervised online exams

Supervised online exams are applied where the supervision of final assessments is required for accreditation or course completion. Information about the type of assessment for each of your units will be provided in the unit site in CloudDeakin.

Questions about the type of assessment should be referred to your Unit Chair.

CloudDeakin Quiz | Proctorio open/closed book exams

About open and closed exams

In supervised online exams, you sit the exam online using your own computer while being supervised via webcam. You and your screen are recorded through automated, recorded supervision.

  • At all times you must follow the exam rules and conditions.
  • You must follow the directions given by the exam supervision technology.
  • You will complete an exam using CloudDeakin Quiz.
  • You will be supervised via webcam through Proctorio automated + recorded supervision.
  • Open book exams will have some limited restrictions on what you can access.
  • It is your responsibility to check your unit site to confirm if your examination is open-book or closed-book.

Open book exam

Students sit an open-book online exam in their own space, using CloudDeakin Quiz, while being supervised by Proctorio. An open-book online exam means you can access reference material or study notes, and your computer is not restricted during the exam.

Refer to "Exam rules" section for open book exam restrictions.

Closed book exam

Students sit a closed-book online exam in their own space, using CloudDeakin Quiz, while being supervised by Proctorio. A closed book online exam means you cannot access any reference material or study notes, and what you can do on your computer is restricted during the exam. Certain functionality such as opening a new app, a new browser or a tab, copying, pasting, printing, downloading a file, and using a right-click may be disabled. You should not attempt to access any unauthorised material during the exam.

Refer to "Exam rules" section for closed book exam restrictions.


An exam is supervised when required for accreditation by an external body, or as a requirement of course completion. In these cases, supervision is mandatory. Supervision aims to ensure that the correct student sits the exam, complies with exam rules and conditions, does their own work and is therefore deserving of accreditation.

Online exam date and time

Exam date

The exam timetable is released via StudentConnect. If your location or time zone is incorrect in StudentConnect, contact Student Central immediately to have it updated. Refer to the Change of Exam Location webpage.

Exam time

The exam begins at the time specified in the exam timetable on StudentConnect. Time is shown in either Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) or Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Convert exam times to your local time by using a World Time Zone Converter.

Exam duration

You have a fixed period of time to complete the exam. Time begins after your identity check with Proctorio. An additional 30 minutes is provided to allow time for reading (15 minutes) and for technical support (15 minutes).

What you will need


To sit an online exam, you will need:

  • A quiet, private, and well-lit space in your home or office where you will not be disturbed. Public or shared spaces may not be suitable.
  • A desk or table, and a chair. It is not suitable to sit on a couch or bed.


You will provide your own technology to sit the online exam. You will need:

  • A desktop or laptop computer that meets Proctorio system requirements. You will need admin access to download and install a browser extension.
  • A single screen. If you have a second monitor it must duplicate your laptop screen. Dual or extended screens are not allowed.
  • A working webcam and microphone.
  • A power source to plug in your computer.
  • A reliable internet connection.
    The minimum internet upload speed requirement is 0.092Mbps - 0.189Mbps.
    Test your internet speed to ensure your internet performance is adequate.
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your internet browser.
  • A minimum of 2GB of free Random Access memory (RAM).

China based exams

If you are based in China you must use the Microsoft Edge browser.

Identity check

You must present proof of identity via the webcam before starting the exam. You will need official photographic identification such as your Deakin Student Card, a driver's licence, passport or national identity card. Your identification will be recorded for verification.

How to prepare

You should make yourself ready in your chosen examination location with sufficient time to check your exam environment and equipment. You can help to make your online exam as smooth as possible by preparing early and knowing what to expect. Before the exam period commences, you should:

  1. Read the exam rules.
  2. Read the how-to guide.
  3. Do the Try-It-Out exam to test your setup.
  4. Source an alternative internet or location if your internet connectivity is poor or unstable.
  5. Check your RAM. You must have 2GB free (pin a RAM monitor to your browser).
  6. Know what to do on exam day.
  7. Know how to get help during the exam.

Try-It-Out exam

The Try-It-Out exam is a short, compulsory exam that helps you to test the suitability of your internet and computer, check your setup and troubleshoot issues before exams commence. Information about how to access and sit the Try-it-out exam will be made available in your unit site.

You should complete it on the computer you will use for the exam. You can repeat it if you need to change your computer.

Ensure you do this well before the exam period to identify and troubleshoot any issues.

How-to guide

Follow these how-to guides to complete the Try-It-Out exam and the final exam.


Contact IT Service Desk for assistance with technical issues.

If you have added the Proctorio browser extension, you can also use their inbuilt Live-Chat function.

See our tips (PDF, 157.7KB) for improving online exam performance.

On exam day

Access the exam

You must start your exam during the approved commencement period or according to your allocated schedule. The examination system will show the exam duration and a timer counting down the time left in an exam. It is your responsibility to keep track of the time left as a time warning is not provided.

  1. Prepare a copy of the Troubleshooting FAQs for easy access during the exam.
  2. Start at the time shown in your exam timetable.
  3. Turn off other internet connected devices to improve your internet connectivity.
  4. Restart your computer. To maintain an adequate RAM level:
    • For closed book exams, close any other files or applications (if opened) except for the browser you are going to use to sit the exam.
    • For open book exams, keep the opened files, applications and tabs to a minimum.
  5. Use Google Chrome or the latest Microsoft Edge.
  6. Open CloudDeakin and go to your unit site.
  7. If you have not yet installed Proctorio browser extension:
    • Click Content in the menu.
    • From Table of Contents, open Exams at the end of the list.
    • Click Secure Exam Proctor to download the Proctorio browser extension.
  8. To access your exam, click Assessment in the menu, and then Quizzes.
  9. Select the exam to start.

System check

Proctorio will conduct a system check to make sure your system is working. If you have problems, contact Proctorio Support via Live-Chat for assistance.

Identity check

You must present official photographic identification such as your Deakin Card (student ID card), a drivers licence, passport or national identity card, at every examination you sit. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your identity check.

  • Present your photo identification to the webcam, ensuring it is close enough to fill the on-screen frame. Make sure your details and photo are clearly captured and readable. If the image is too small or too blurry to read, retake it.
  • Take a snapshot of your face. Make sure your face is clearly shown. Retake if necessary.

During exam

  • Save your written responses regularly and at least every 2 minutes.
  • DO NOT close the exam window or the Stop Sharing button unless you have been disconnected from the exam.
  • For open book exams:
    • Close tabs, files and applications once you have finished using them during the exam.
    • Close all tabs, files and applications before submitting the exam.


You must submit your exam within the allowed time.

  • You will see a countdown timer in CloudDeakin Quiz.
  • Once the time is over, you cannot answer further questions.
  • An on-screen message will confirm your exam submission. Email confirmation will not be sent to you.
  • If you are unable to submit your exam due to technical issues, the University will submit it on your behalf.

Get help

For help with technical issues during the exam:

Black screen with lock icon and text "the exam has ended and you have been logged out

Proctorio Exam Disconnection error screen:

  • While you are disconnected, the exam timer keeps ticking.
  • If your internet connection is restored, you can reconnect to the exam and continue. You will need to repeat the system and identity checks.
  • For further information on how to avoid being disconnected, refer to the Tips.
  • Check whether you have installed the Proctorio extension on your current browser. If not, install Proctorio
  • Uninstall/remove the Proctorio extension then re-install it to your browser
  • Check whether your browser is the latest version and update if necessary
  • Clear the cache (Refer to Tips)
  • If issues persist, try using an alternative browser (both Chrome and MS Edge work with Proctorio)
  • If all options are unsuccessful, try using an alternative computer

Please note if you apply for special consideration, where successful, you only have the option to re-sit the exam in the following Supplementary exam period. Your current exam will not be marked (even if you might pass it).

Exam rules

Supervised online exam rules

  • You must stay in view of the webcam at all times
  • You must work alone
  • You must start your exam at the time shown in CloudDeakin. Exams commenced late may not be marked
  • You must not use dual or extended screens. (Duplicate of your laptop screen is allowed)
  • You must not use headsets, headphones, earbuds, or ear pods
  • You must not use search engines (Eg Google, Baidu) to search for or to access information on the internet
  • You must not use online translation tools such as Google Translate
  • You must not use Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • You must not communicate with any other student or unauthorised person during the exam
  • You must not access tools that allow online collaboration including email, discussion boards, online forums, shared document platforms (OneDrive, Google Docs, OneNote etc) or any other applications that allow real-time information sharing unless explicit approval has been provided for use as part of the exam instructions.
  • You must not use any other electronic device other than the computer used to complete the exam
  • You can only use your mobile phone to make a valid support call to authorised Deakin examination support numbers, unless explicit approval has been provided for use as part of the exam instructions. Your phone should be placed out of reach at all other times
  • You must not capture, record, store or share exam content or questions
  • Authorised rest or medical breaks are allowed by prior approval from the Disability Resource Centre.

    Open book rules

    Open book exams are as above with the following variations:

  • You can use applications such as Word, and PowerPoint only for accessing pre-prepared reference material. But you must not use them for any other purpose unless specified in the exam instructions. Applications such as Excel may also be used for calculations
  • You can use a calculator. If using an online calculator it should be bookmarked in your browser
  • Bathroom breaks are allowed, but should be kept to a minimum and any absence kept under 5 minutes
  • Closed book rules

    Closed book exams are as above with the following variations:

  • You must not attempt to use applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint or access unauthorised reference material.
  • If a calculator is allowed you can use a physical calculator. (An online calculator is also available)
  • Bathroom breaks are not normally allowed in a closed book exam, however if unavoidable, we recommend that any absence be kept under 5 minutes.

For full details, refer to the Instructions to Online Exam Candidates (PDF, 199.0KB). You are expected to act with academic integrity in accordance with University policy. Exam recordings may be used as evidence if a breach of academic integrity is suspected.

Reference materials allowed (Open book)

Your exam is open book with some restrictions:

  • You can access unit content and study material, including lecture notes, slides etc, in your CloudDeakin unit site during your exam. Please note that the discussion board in your unit site will be disabled during your exam
  • You can access pre-prepared reference materials including printed, written or online reference materials. It can include unit resources, files, or study notes prepared by you
  • You can access electronic textbooks. They should be bookmarked in your browser, or stored as a PDF or a document in your computer
  • You can use the Find function to search within online reference materials
  • You should not rely on access to library copies of electronic texts, as these may be unavailable during your exam. You should prepare your own study notes in advance
  • You can use a dictionary and thesaurus. Online copies must be bookmarked in your browser
  • You can use a pen or a pencil and blank A4 sheet of paper for doing your calculations and workings

Materials allowed (Closed book)

  • If your exam is closed book. No reference materials are allowed
  • In certain closed book exams a pen or a pencil and blank A4 sheet of paper for doing your calculations and workings is allowed. (Confirmation will be available in your unit site)

Other items

  • You must place bags, purses, wallets and personal belongings out of reach
  • You must remove all watches, including smart watches and fitness trackers, and place them out of reach. All alarms and alerts must be switched off
  • Food and drink are allowed (Remove food packaging, and drinks must be in plain or clear containers).

Under Regulation 04.1(2) - Academic Misconduct it is considered an act of academic misconduct to have, possess, access, or use any material or item not allowed under the instructions for that examination, whether or not it is with the intention of using it to gain an advantage.

Alternative arrangements

Unable to sit an online exam

If you are unable to provide a suitable location, or meet conditions necessary to sit an online exam, contact Student Central for advice.

Booking an On-campus space to sit your exam

If you have a compelling reason that will prevent you from completing your exam at your location, submit your request via the Registration Form. Your request will be considered based on your individual case and the availability of space.

  • This form is an expression of interest only. On-campus spaces are very limited and allocation cannot be guaranteed. We will contact you in the coming weeks to confirm if a space is available and reserved for you.
  • Please be aware that the offered spaces are shared by other students.
  • Please only put in a request if it’s absolutely necessary. As spaces are limited, unnecessary bookings may prevent access for other students with significant needs.

Special assistance required to complete an exam

If you require special assistance to sit a supervised online exam, contact the Disability Resource Centre at least 2 weeks before the exam period. If adjustments to your exam are approved, you will be advised via email.

Data use and privacy

Your data and images will be handled in accordance with Deakin's Privacy Policy. For more information, refer to the Supervised Online Exams Disclosure Statement (PDF, 106.1KB). Recordings will be stored on the third-party servers of our online supervision service provider, Proctorio. These recordings may be viewed by authorised Deakin staff for the purposes of verifying that academic integrity has been maintained, and when investigating suspected or reported instances of academic misconduct. All reports will be stored securely on Deakin systems with access restricted to authorised staff.

Frequently asked questions

Before the exam

I am studying outside Australia. What time is my exam?
Exam times are shown in either Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) or Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) in StudentConnect. You should convert exam times to your local time by using World Time Zone Converter.

I don't have a suitable place for my online exam. What should I do?
If you cannot arrange a suitable place for your online exam at home, at office, or at your family member's or friend's place, you may be able to sit the exam on campus if you are based in Victoria, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. Contact Student Central for advice.

What if I don't have a suitable computer? Can I use someone else's computer?
If you don't have a suitable computer, consider using one of your family member's or friend's, if possible. You will need to be able to access CloudDeakin and install the Proctorio extension onto the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. If you are borrowing someone else's computer, make sure you do a Try-It-Out exam to check the system.

What if I don't have a webcam, or the camera on my computer doesn't work? Can I use an external camera?
If you don't have a working webcam and microphone, consider borrowing them from your family member or friend, or alternatively purchase a USB webcam. External cameras are also ok to use. You should test they work with your system by doing the Try-It-Out exam.

My internet is poor/unstable. What if my internet connection drops out?
If your internet fluctuates or fails, you may get disconnected from the online exam. The minimum internet upload speed requirement is 0.092Mbps - 0.189Mbps. Check the Tips to improve your internet speed. Ensure you take action to prevent poor internet prior to the exam period to have a smooth exam experience.

How do I find my notes if I can't use internet search? Can I use another device (e.g. tablet or phone) to access my notes? (Open book only)
You must pre-prepare your notes, resources or electronic texts so that they are available without using internet search. You can bookmark the online resources in the browser or store the information on your computer. You can only access your electronic reference materials on the computer you are using for the exam - other devices are not allowed.

I have my notes saved in OneNote. Can I access these during the exam? (Open book only)
No, you cannot use tools that can be used for collaboration, such as OneNote. You should export the content from OneNote into a Word document prior to your exam, and you can refer to this document during the exam.

I've heard low computer Random access memory (RAM) is one of the major causes of technical issues, how can I check my computer has enough RAM?
You should have a minimum of 2GB of free RAM. Pin a RAM monitor to your browser prior to the exam to check you have enough free RAM available. Refer to the Tips for improving online exam performance on how to improve your computer performance prior to and during your exam.

I am not very technical savvy. How do I deal with technical issues during my exam?
Issue prevention is the key. Use the Tips to prepare for your exam. Also keep a copy of the Troubleshooting FAQs handy during the exam. You can also:

  • Contact Proctorio Support via Live-Chat for assistance with access or authentication.
  • Call Deakin IT Service Desk - Australia 1800 463 888 | International +61 3 5227 8888.

Starting the exam

Where do I access my exam on the exam day?
Your exam will be available in CloudDeakin via your unit site under the “Assessment” and “Quizzes” menu items.

What is my exam password?
You do not need an exam password to access the exam. If prompted for an exam password, check if you have Proctorio browser extension installed on your computer. If the problem persists, use the Troubleshooting FAQs.

Still being asked for exam password even if you have the Proctorio extension installed?

I've received a Proctorio - Interception Error Detected message. What should I do?
You will need to disable your VPN or internet proxy server. Follow these instructions for further assistance.

How can I share my screen?
Click on the centre screen, then click on Share. If you can't see the share screen window, minimise the browser, you will then see the pop-up share screen window in the background.

Can I use dual screens?
You can duplicate your laptop screen to a larger display. This must be set up prior to starting the exam. However, you cannot use a second screen, dual monitors or extended display.

It's pretty noisy here. Can I wear headphones to block the noise during the exam?
No, headphones, headsets, earphones, earbuds, or ear pods are not allowed during the exam. You should move to a quiet location.

During the exam

Do I need to wait 15 minutes before I can start answering my exam questions?
No, the traditional 15 minutes of reading time has now been incorporated into writing time. You can start answering your questions as soon as you enter the exam. We do, however, recommend that you take a few moments to read and navigate through the exam to ensure you are aware of the number of pages  and questions required to complete.

Will anyone be watching me while I take the exam?
No one is watching you during the exam. You will be recorded via webcam, and your screen is recorded simultaneously. Only approved Deakin Student Services staff will access and review these recordings.

Can I take a bathroom break?
For Closed book exams, bathroom breaks are not normally allowed. However, if unavoidable, we recommend that any absence be kept to under 5 minutes.

For Open book exams, if necessary, you can take a bathroom break during the exam. You should announce to the webcam that you are taking a break and keep the break to a minimum. If you are disconnected from the exam due to inactivity, you may need to reconnect and go through the identity and system checks again.

Can I use internet search?
The use of internet search engines, such as "Google", "Bing" and "Baidu" is not allowed.

For Open book exams, you may:

  • Access pre-prepared reference materials including online reference materials (these should be bookmarked in your browser).
  • Use the Find function to search within your pre-prepared notes or electronic textbook online.
  • Search for information within a website that you have already bookmarked, including accessing links to other reading articles within the website.

Can I use a calculator? Can I use a pen and paper for calculations and workings?
Yes, you may use your own physical calculator or, for Open book exams, you can use an online calculator or applications such as Excel. You are also permitted to use a pen and a sheet of blank A4 paper for calculations and workings only.

Can I split my screen to display both the exam and reference content I have saved on my computer? (Open book only)
Yes, you are allowed to re-size your browser and split the screen to display multiple content.

Can I open other tabs on the same browser to access my saved resource? (Open book only)
Yes, you can open resources in other tabs on the same browser. We recommend that you limit the number of open tabs to what is necessary to answer the question. Opening too many tabs may reduce your available RAM and cause a disconnection.

How often should I saved my typed answer responses?
You should save your answers every 2 minutes.

After the exam

How do I know my exam is submitted successfully?

You can confirm your exam is submitted successfully if you see ‘1/1’ under “Attempts”. (Note: If there is an asterisk (*) with ‘0/1’, it means your exam is still in progress. Re-enter the exam and submit it.)  No email confirmation will be sent to you.

If you accidently close your exam without submitting or were not able to submit it due to a technical issue, Deakin will submit it on your behalf.

I have submitted my exam but my score shows as 0 out of xx marks for my grade. Should I be concerned my exam has not submitted correctly?

No, this just means that your exam has not yet been marked and that your final result is not yet visible. Marking will occur in the days following your exam.

CAANZ supervised online exams

Chartered Accountant Foundation (CAF) units require supervised online exams for accreditation by Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ). Information and links are available in your CAF unit sites.

Get help for technical issues

For help with technical issues during an online exam:

  • Contact Proctorio Support via Live-Chat for assistance with access or authentication
  • Call Deakin IT Service Desk - Australia 1800 463 888 | International +61 3 5227 8888
  • Keep your support ticket number as evidence of technical issues.

Need help?

If you have any questions about your supervised online exam, please contact Student Central.

13 3325  -or-  13 DEAKIN in Australia

+61 3 9244 6333 from overseas

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