Study Smart at PASS.

All PASS sessions for all our units are now available in CloudPASS only. Please check the timetable to find your session time and links.

You have to study, so why not study in a group led by a student who has successfully completed the unit?

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is free, voluntary and offered in tough units which have large enrolments. PASS sessions for units are offered on campus and online.

PASS is for all students—whether you are struggling, doing OK or a high achiever.

Students who attend PASS learn effective study skills and develop communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills while meeting lots of other students.

The 50-minute weekly sessions are led by a PASS leader, a student who recently completed the unit so knows what you are going through and wants to help you succeed.

Check the current PASS timetable to see if there are PASS sessions for your unit.

To register your interest in attending sessions complete the PASS Expression of Interest Form.

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