Entrepreneurship Experience

What is Entrepreneurship Experience?

MWL317/MWL717 Entrepreneurship Experience allows students the opportunity to undertake an authentic learning experience with an innovative and entrepreneurial focus. The experience undertaken will allow students to develop their critical thinking, communication and self-management skills as they gain exposure to real world experiences as an entrepreneur and innovator. Students undertaking programs will have the ability to create a new enterprise, while international study tours provide students insights into entrepreneurial organisations.


“I really loved the quality of content during each of our workshops, especially considering it had to cover various aspects in less than 3 hours. The content delivery was amazing in a very informal setting, which created the perfect atmosphere to open up and ask questions right out of your head without second thoughts.... The program was a huge value add to my master's degree as well as my perspective on establishing and running a business.” - Vinayak Madhu Kumar, SPARK Deakin Startup Ideation

Who can apply?

This unit is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who are eligible use a WIL unit towards their degree.

This unit requires students to apply for a pre-approved faculty or university program. On successful application, students will be enrolled in either MWL317 or MWL717 by the Faculty WIL team. Students cannot self-enrol in this unit.

Please see approved programs below for further details and how to apply.

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset (DEM)

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset (DEM) - new in T2 2022

The DEM program aligns the classroom with the actual practice of entrepreneurship and actively engages students in the key concepts taught in entrepreneurship programs around the world. The program is a scaffolding of applied exercises that support students in applying real-world entrepreneurial concepts:

  1. Idea Generation - Discover the problems you are passionate about solving.
  2. Real Customer Interviews - Gain the confidence to talk to real customers.
  3. MVP Development - Learn about minimum viable product by building one.
  4. Financial Modelling - Learn about revenue modelling, pricing and how to make a business model financially sustainable.
  5. Business Model Validation - Build, launch and analyse the results of your business model experiments.

Dates: Week 1-6, Tuesdays, 10am-2pm
Location: Burwood
Unit: MWL317 or MWL717 Entrepreneurship Experience

Limited places available - Apply via UniHub. Applications closed for T2, 2022.

Spark Deakin Startup Ideation

The Startup Ideation  is an innovative  Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program that will empower students with entrepreneurial skill sets to help transform their big idea to reality.

In just ten weeks, students will have the chance to develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, trial their ideas, collaborate with students from diverse backgrounds, and advance the impact of their work.

Click here to view our upcoming offerings of this program.

Virtual Business Incubator

Students work in small teams to explore market trends and the business environment to identify, develop, and support a business opportunity that they could potentially take to market.

Each week students will be engaged in a combination of program tailored content, hands-on project work, independent and team meetings and mentor sessions with the program leader.

The incubator teams will work together to develop and refine their business opportunity culminating in a final Program Pitch Day event, where all groups present their idea to a panel of judges. Students will also develop their own personal portfolio to support the business idea developed that they can use beyond the program.

Limited places available - this program is not being offered in T2 2022.

Unit details and eligibility

  • Undergraduate: MWL317
  • Postgraduate: MWL717

Please visit the University Handbook for further unit information and key trimester dates.

It is your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements, and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules. Please speak with a Student Adviser if you are unsure; you can contact them on buslaw@deakin.edu.au or (03) 9244 6555.

Key Dates and FAQs

  • Whilst MWL317 and MWL717 are offered in every trimester, please be aware that not every program will run each trimester.
  • Program applications will typically open and close the trimester before. I.e. You must apply for a T2 program prior to the end of T1.

Frequently-asked questions

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