Work Based Learning

What is Work Based Learning (WBL)?

WBL allows students who are already employed to gain one credit point towards their degree, without having to forgo hours in their paid role. This type of placement offers you the opportunity to enhance and apply your academic learning in the workplace.

This unit requires you to identify a business problem at your current workplace. You will be required to use your university learning to create a solution to the business problem, and provide deliverables, or tangible outcomes, that prove the solution is real and enduring. For example – an Information Systems student working in a wholesale fruitier might identify waste as an issue for the business. The project is creating a system for better stock control, reducing waste & saving money.  The deliverable is the system/user manuals, staff training documents etc.

Unit Code


Key features

  • Pre-requisite of the successful completion of eight (8) credit points
  • The identified business problem must fall outside the scope of your current duties (as outlined in your position description)
  • Host organisation must sign off on the project
  • You must remain employed for the duration of the unit

Who can apply?

This unit is available to undergraduate students who are already employed in a full-time or part-time capacity (average of at least 18 hours of work per week), and have been in their position for a minimum of six months.

It is your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements, and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules. Please speak with a Student Adviser if you are unsure: you can contact them on or (03) 9244 6555.

How to apply

Please note that all applications are subject to the approval of the WIL Team. If you feel ready to submit an application for a self-sourced placement, please click the button below to view the step-by-step guide and download the necessary documents.


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