Health HDR Conference 2021

Faculty of Health HDR Conference 2021

Date: Friday, 12th February 2021

Where: Due to the current pandemic we are planning for the conference to be online. However, we will endeavour to provide an on-campus opportunity if possible.

Theme: "Connecting – yes, but how?”


On behalf of the Deakin University Health Research Students’ (DUHRS) Committee, we are excited to invite you to a spectacular one-day conference which will take place on Friday, the 12th of February 2021.

The theme of the conference is “Connecting – yes, but how?” We believe that the ability to connect with peers is a key quality to have as scientists and academics. Throughout our research degree, we are advised to network and facilitate opportunities and collaborations. We are encouraged to use social media to our advantage and optimise our networking skills for research translation and interdisciplinary research. However, we often ask ourselves “yes, but how do we do this?” We hear all about the incredible experiences and opportunities that are out there, but how can we pursue these for ourselves, and where do we start?

The conference will aim to answer these questions and provide students with an opportunity to present their own work to colleagues and industry professionals, and build their skills through hands-on workshops. We will be hosting an inspiring keynote speaker and have a networking session to allow students to start forming connections with fellow peers and academics.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

-Deakin University Health Research Students’ (DUHRS) Committee


Our Vision:

The vision of DUHRS is to provide a platform that unites HDR students within the Faculty of Health and connects them with academics and industry professionals.

We strive to enable students to showcase their work and develop research networks with peers in the Faculty. We aim to contribute to HDR student careers by creating a larger network and fostering the potential for collaborations. This will also highlight the diversity of health sciences within the faculty and encourage a more inclusive research approach.

Our Mission:

DUHRS aims to bring together Faculty of Health HDR students, academic staff members, and industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and inspire through the organisation of the DUHRS conference.

Our Values:  

  • Inclusiveness
  • Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Openness
  • Excellence
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