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Re-admission after exclusion

The following form can be used to apply for re-admission following course exclusion for Faculty of Health students only.

The minimum period of exclusion from a course is one academic year, pursuant to section 8.2(a) of Regulation 05.3(1) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses (PDF, 42.2KB). Any pending matters with the University Appeals Committee (UAC) or any external bodies (e.g. Ombudsman) must be resolved before your re-admission application can be processed.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been received.

Please note: This form is not to be used by students whose enrolment was terminated for non-payment of fees, voluntary withdrawal from studies or allowing enrolment to lapse.  For re-admission after discontinuation other than exclusion, please visit Apply for Readmission.

Closing dates for applications

Trimester 1 / Semester 1 - 30 August of the previous year

Trimester 2 / Semester 2 - 30 April of the year of readmission

Trimester 3 - 30 August of the year of readmission

Application form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Student details
if other above
Course details
e.g. H315, H326, H330, H345, H747
e.g. Bachelor of Nursing
Year of exclusion start *
Applying to resume studies in *
Exclusion for Academic Progress / Academic Integrity breach / Misconduct
Your application for re-admission should outline any work, study and other actions undertaken whilst excluded, and should demonstrate and articulate why you will be more successful in your studies if re-admitted, and how you have and/or plan to manage any previous issues which may have contributed to your exclusion.
Supporting documentation (required)
Please note that you must supply supporting evidence/documentation to support any written statement

There is no particular type of documentation required, so long as it supports the information you have provided – this can include medical certificates, personal references, payslips or bank documents, contracts, certificates, transcripts and awards, flight details, etc.

You can not apply without supporting documentation.
Terms and conditions
Agreement * Once all relevant documentation has been received, your application will be forwarded to members of the Faculty Academic Integrity and Progress Committee (FAIPC) and the applicable School Academic Progress Committee (APC) and Course Coordinator for feedback and consideration.

You may be contacted for further information in relation to your application.

The outcome of this application will be conveyed to you by email only, so please ensure that your contact details are listed correctly above.

Late applications may be considered where there were exceptional circumstances beyond your control in applying (and where supporting evidence is provided).

Given the complex nature of this process, it is not possible to stipulate a turnaround time for an outcome to be conveyed.

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