Consent and collection statement for Deakin Buddies users

This collection statement explains how Deakin University (Deakin) will collect, use, disclose and manage information that identifies you (personal information) when you use Deakin Buddies.

What personal information does Deakin collect when I use Deakin Buddies?

When you join Deakin Buddies, Deakin will collect your first name, your email, your course, the units you are enrolled in and any information you add to your profile. Note that Deakin will draw information held in your student record to add your name, course, units and Deakin email to your profile as a convenience to you. If your student record changes, this will be reflected in your Deakin Buddies profile.

Why does Deakin collect this personal information?

Deakin collects your personal information to:

  • register you as a user of Deakin Buddies
  • enable Deakin to prepopulate your profile
  • enable you to connect with other users of Deakin Buddies
  • administer use of the Deakin Buddies app and website.

How does Deakin use and disclose my personal information?

Deakin uses the personal information in your Deakin Buddies profile to match you to potential Buddies who have registered with Deakin Buddies. When a match is identified, your Deakin Buddies profile (but not your Deakin email address) is made available to potential Buddies, and when a match is requested and accepted, your Deakin email address is provided to your Buddy. Deakin may also use your personal information to contact you and invite you to participate in surveys or research into Deakin Buddy.

Deakin may use or disclose your personal information where authorised or required by law.

Deakin may also use your personal information to create aggregated or anonymous data by removing any information that identifies you. This data is used by Deakin for analysis, quality assurance, improvements to Deakin Buddies and for planning purposes.

What personal information is retained and where is it stored?

Deakin Buddies stores [what information will be retained] this information needs to be added for [how long] this information needs to be added and then will delete or de-identify your personal information. Deakin Buddies stores information in [location] this information needs to be added.

Deakin University manages personal information it holds, including requests by individuals for access to their personal information, in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). Information about Deakin’s privacy practices is available at You may obtain further information about privacy at Deakin by contacting the Privacy Officer at (03) 5227 8524 or at

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