Terms and conditions of use of Deakin Buddies

Deakin Buddies is an online tool that allows Deakin students to register, search and connect with fellow students who may be studying the same course or units or who live close by. It is available in a desktop and app format.

You may use Deakin Buddies on the following terms and conditions of use:

  • You are responsible for using Deakin Buddies safely. You should not include any information in your Deakin Buddies profile that you would not provide to a stranger (including, without limitation, details about your health, finances, precise location).
  • You must comply with Deakin’s information and communications technology acceptable use policy and the conditions of information technology use.
  • Your usage must comply with the student code of conduct.
  • Deakin University does not moderate information submitted on Deakin Buddies but reserves the right to monitor access to and use of Deakin Buddies. If unauthorised access is attempted or if your use of Deakin Buddies breaches any policy, procedures or code of conduct then…. missing text here.
  • Deakin does not warrant that -
    • Deakin Buddies and all of its functionality will be available at all times or that availability will be uninterrupted.
    • Students participating in Deakin Buddies have a particular level of knowledge or expertise in any subject area.
    • That a student participating in Deakin Buddies will obtain a particular academic outcome.
  • Deakin uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate information, however it assumes no liability for any inaccuracy, deficiency or delay in information provided to you through Deakin Buddies.
  • Deakin assumes no liability for any action, claim, demand, loss or injury of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from your use of information provided through Deakin Buddies.
  • You may withdraw from Deakin Buddies at any time through the Deakin Buddies ‘Help and Support’ webpage or app screen.
  • Deakin reserves the right to terminate your access to Deakin Buddies if you breach any of your obligations under these terms and conditions.
  • You must review and consent to Deakin collecting, using and disclosing your identifying information as set out in the consent and collection statement for Deakin Buddies users.
  • Deakin reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. When these changes are made, you will be alerted by a message on Deakin Buddies. You understand and agree that if you continue to use Deakin Buddies after the date on which the terms and conditions have changed, your use will constitute acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.
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