Supervisors Guidelines

Supervisors must be aware of the procedures which must be followed in order to correctly prepare and return examination materials to the appropriate address. Upon receipt of examination packages, supervisors must ensure that the examination paper envelopes correspond with candidate rolls for each examination to be conducted.

Envelopes containing question papers should be opened immediately and the contents checked against the front of each envelope to ensure that the correct paper and number of copies have been enclosed.

Once this initial check has been conducted, envelopes must be re-sealed and kept in a secure location until required in the examination room immediately prior to the examination. If any discrepancies are detected please contact the Examination Coordinators at the Institute of Koorie Education. Ph:03 5227 2538.

All examination papers including surplus papers must be collected and returned with examination answer booklets, in the pre-paid satchel provided.

Photographic identification is required for candidates sitting examinations. Please ensure that a clock is clearly visible to all candidates. Candidates who arrive late are not to be given extra time. Candidates are not permitted to leave the examination room until 45 minutes after the commencement of reading time.

As soon as possible during the course of the examination, supervisors must verify the identity of each candidate by checking photograph and signature, collect attendance slips, and record attendance or absence on the ROLLS provided for that purpose. A = Absent, P = Present. (It is essential that the ROLLS be returned to the appropriate address so that examination papers and answer booklets may be recorded as having been received by the University).

Supervisors should make themselves familiar with the announcements, which must be made to candidates throughout the course of the examinations, provided on the University Supervisor Guidelines.

After each examination, the answer booklets, examination papers, attendance slips, and attendance rolls, must be sealed in the envelope provided. As a general rule, courier must mail the envelopes on the same day, if practicable, and no later then the following day. In most cases the University details of this procedure will be advised each semester.

NOTE: Supervisors are expected to maintain maximum security at all times with respect to examination papers and completed booklets.

Submission of Supervisors' Claim forms should be returned at the conclusion of the examination period.

Student Examination Guidelines 

It is essential that all students keep Confirmation of Enrolment details which are sent to students on completion of their enrolment. It is also important to keep records of any subsequent variations to your enrolment which may affect examinations.

On receipt of exam notification, you must contact the Examination Coordinators, at the Institute of Koorie Education, to confirm with them your exam supervision details. It is essential that you are aware of the date, time, place and supervisor of your exams.

It is your responsibility to seek this information from the Examination Coordinators prior to the examinations period. Applications for Special Consideration in Assessment must be lodged within 72 hours of examination date.

PLEASE NOTE: Pay close attention to the Special Consideration Eligibility information pamphlet attached to these guidelines. Exam arrangements are neither flexible nor negotiable. Exams must be sat on the date indicated on the examination notification letters. Candidates must present themselves at the examination location shortly prior to the commencement of reading times.

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