Compliance and Visas

CoE information

How to apply for a new CoE, CoE application form, frequently asked questions about CoEs


Visa conditions, updating your visa details and frequently asked questions about visas

Compliance reporting FAQs

Understand the compliance reporting cycle and its implications on you


Need to take a break from study? See how to apply for intermission or a short-term leave of absence

Visa Compliance Module

Information and instructions on how to complete your Student Visa Compliance Module

Online study

The one third (or equivalent) rule, online study, frequently asked questions about online study

Complaints and appeals

Have a concern or complaint? Find out who to address your concerns to

Release and refund

View important release and refund information

Compliance contacts

Who to contact if you have questions about visas, reporting, CoEs etc.


Visa applications, compliance matters and pre-arrival information for commencing international students

Work component hours (work integrated learning (WIL) hours)

Information on WIL hours and student visa work limitations during your course is ‘In and Out of session’.

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