Reporting your research publications

Dear Researchers and Research Administration Staff,

Deakin University has introduced "Elements" a new on-line system to streamline the deposit of Deakin research into DRO.

To access click on this link: Elements

Elements Help documentation and links to training session registration are also available via the publications wiki at Researchers and Research Administration staff are encouraged to attend the training sessions when offered by the University.

The Faculty of Health has observed that some staff have claimed publications, but not uploaded a copy of the publication and/or entered the appropriate labels causing a significant backlog to be corrected and hence delaying publishing on DRO and staff output pages.

How to process your publications

Researchers are requested to "claim" publications they authored (reject others) and upload add the full-text document if not already attached. (Usually this will be done by the first author to claim the publication). You should also add FOR codes, SEO codes, School and or SRC to each publication you claim.

Researchers have the option to delegate management of their publications within Elements to an appropriate Deakin staff member (usually your RA or administrative support).

Please note it is important that you only claim publications that belong to you, and that you upload the publication. If the publication is not uploaded, Faculty Admin staff will e-mail to request this causing delays in processing and displaying your research outputs.

Manual entry and processing

Some publications, mainly conference papers, books, and research reports, may not be found by the data searches and hence will require manual entry. The Faculty will still enter these articles for you, but only if you supply a copy of the publication to the Faculty with appropriate information. These will be uploaded to this site once we have reduced the current backlog of publications.

Email a copy of the publication and supporting information (author affiliations, publishing details, cover to introduction, and conference details to

How Elements works

Using appropriate search terms, Elements harvests researchers' publications from external databases such as Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, and Repec, and notifies them of any new publications found.

Publications from new staff for inclusion for ERA

New staff should provide an extract of their publication from their CV to Steven Sawyer (Manager, Collaborative Programs and Research). This will be arranged to be uploaded to Elements and DRO.

Research Reports

Staff, students and visitors can search the University's publication and reports in DRO, and "Find a Researcher".  Staff can also access individual researcher or by School or Faculty for a specific year or check their publication record at these links.

Peer reviewed journal articles, peer reviewed conference papers, research books, book chapters and research reports should be entered into Elements for the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) and ERA. Please note that DRO holds record for all publications that have been entered, while the " Find a Researcher " currently only displays research books, book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles and full conference papers (A1, B1, C1, and E1.

The annual Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC), measures staff and student research output, in order to calculate part of the funding for research awarded to each institution. The Deakin Research Online (DRO) repository has been established in order to make Deakin's research highly visible and accessible through a global network of services such as OAIster, ARROW, Google Scholar and Internet search engines. All staff and student research publications that are entered into Elements will appear in DRO, where open access to full text versions can be made possible in most instances.

Deakin University also collects publication data in many additional non-HERC categories. These may also be entered into Elements by the researchers. Details can be found at:

Research Services Publications Forms and Guidelines website.


Please contact:

Steven Sawyer
Manager, Collaborative Program and Research
Office of the PVC Health
Melbourne, Burwood Campus
Phone 03 925 17175


Dr Barbara Lavelle
Senior Research Administrative Officer
Telephone (03) 9244 6216

Ms Kerrie Lawrence
Administrative Officer
Telephone (03) 9251 7174

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