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Your health and wellbeing

Preparing for your arrival

Your health and wellbeing

As an international student, you are financially responsible for your health care costs in Australia.

As part of this requirement, the Australian Government requires you to hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while you are studying in Australian on your student visa.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC will cover your medical costs if you get sick or hurt in Australia. It will also cover hospital care, some prescription medicines and emergency ambulance transport. Your provider can help you navigate Australia’s healthcare system and link you to resources to help you stay healthy and well while you are studying.

You will need to arrange OSHC before you arrive in Australia, as well as maintain it for the duration of your time in Australia.

Deakin's preferred OSHC provider is Bupa.You can learn more about OSHC and apply for it on the Bupa website.

Or, you can choose your own OSHC provider. If you would like to choose your own provider, you can visit the Australian Government website or Study Australia and research other eligible OSHC providers.

OSHC does not cover any illness or disability you had prior to arriving in Australia. It also does not cover optical or dental appointments. We suggest you see your regular doctor, dentist and optometrist for a check-up before you depart for Australia. This way, you can confirm your medications and vaccinations are up to date, and you can bring any prescriptions you need with you.

For more information about OSHC, read our dedicated page.

Deakin's health and wellbeing services

No matter which Deakin campus you choose to study at, you will have access to a range of health and wellbeing services designed to support your happiness and success as an international student.

Our campus medical centres provide a range of medical services from doctors and nurses – as an international student, you can get free health check ups here. We also have experienced psychologists and social workers who offer counselling, a range of sporting clubs and gyms, as well as disability support, LGBTIQ+ services and spiritual wellbeing services.

It’s important to note that smoking is prohibited everywhere at Deakin: there is no smoking allowed on Deakin grounds, buildings and carparks, and this includes vaping and e-cigarettes.

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