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Organising your accommodation in Australia

Preparing for your arrival

Organising your accommodation in Australia

One of the most important things to consider as an international student is where you’re going to live.

You will need to think about both short-term accommodation (for a week or so when you arrive) and long-term accommodation (for the duration of your first study period and beyond).

Short-term accommodation for when you arrive

We recommend you initially book short-term accommodation for when you arrive in Australia, or you stay with someone you know. This will give you somewhere reliable to stay when you arrive, and the opportunity to explore your options for long-term accommodation when you get here.

Deakin offers short-stay accommodation on-campus in apartments and units. You could also stay close to your campus in a hotel, motel or hostel.

Living on-campus at Deakin Res

You might like to consider the option to live at Deakin on-campus at Deakin Res. We offer long-term, student housing on all our campuses that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in our student community.

Living on campus with other students is a great way to make friends, easily access all the support that Deakin provides and get involved with all the opportunities, activities and events available to you. Studying overseas is a big step, and Deakin Res provides a safe and welcoming home for you.

If you are considering living on campus, it’s a good idea to apply before you arrive in Australia. Applying is free and you can inspect and confirm your room when you arrive in Australia.


Choosing to live in a homestay arrangement means immersing yourself in the household of an individual or family. Homestay offers a supportive environment, which is especially beneficial when you're adapting to a new country and language. In a homestay, you'll be provided with a furnished private room and, in most cases, meals are included.

The cost for a homestay typically ranges from $250 to $300 weekly. This varies based on amenities, location, and the meal plan offered. Numerous agencies in Victoria specialise in pairing individuals with suitable homestay options. You can also enquire about homestay through the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI).

Private rentals

If you would prefer to live in a private rental, either by yourself or with housemates, you should wait until you arrive in Australia to research and secure this. It's best to inspect a private rental in-person before you sign a lease/accommodation agreement so you can:

  • confirm that the provider is legitimate
  • confirm that the accommodation is appropriate for you and as agreed in the advertisement
  • confirm the distance of the accommodation from campus, as well as the location of services such as supermarkets and public transport.
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