Forms and guidelines

Listed below are forms and guidelines for students, staff and examiners of research degrees at Deakin University.

Further information on which forms are required to prepare your thesis for examination and for lodgement of your library copies can be found on the examination procedures page. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions for students, staff and examiners.

Examinations forms

 Access to thesis form  Last updated 13 Mar 2017

 Authorship Statement  Last updated 01 Dec 2016

 Candidate declaration form  Last updated 10 Aug 2015

 Digital thesis and copyright access form  Last updated 10 Aug 2015

 Response to Examiners template  Last updated 31 May 2017

 Restricting access to library copies  Last updated 25 Feb 2015

 Sample thesis title page for DPsych  Last updated 25 Feb 2015

 Sample thesis title page for PhD and Masters  Last updated 25 Feb 2015

Scholarships forms

 Banking details form  Last updated 25 Feb 2015

 Employee details change form  Last updated 25 Feb 2015

 Internal fee transfer form  Last updated 12 May 2016

 Request for payment by electronic transfer  Last updated 26 Feb 2016

 Scholarship authorisation form  Last updated 31 Oct 2016

Editing of theses

The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) provides guidelines for editing research theses that may be useful for examiners during the examination period.

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