Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) helps to pay for important services such as counselling, welfare service, sporting and recreational activities, as well as independent student representation structures for all students.

Student consultation on SSAF expenditure

Each year, the University seeks feedback from students on how this fee is used.

How much is the SSAF?

The SSAF is charged twice a year, and the amount you pay depends on whether you’re a full or part-time student and studying on campus or by Cloud campus. The annual maximum fee is set by the Government and will vary according to your study load and mode of study.

2022 SSAF Rates

2022 SSAF for domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students studying part time, full time on campus and Cloud Campus

Campus Study Load Trimester/Semester
1 2022^
2 2022^
Trimester 3 2022
On campus Full time (3 credit points or more)


$156 $0
On campus Part time (1-2 credit points) $117 $117 $0
Cloud campus   All enrolled credit points must be Cloud campus $60 $60 $0

^ includes students undertaking H011 Return to Practice/initial Registration for Overseas Nurses.

Payment dates:

PeriodDue date for payment
Trimester 1 202212 March 2022
Semester 1 202212 March 2022
Trimester 2 202227 July 2022
Semester 2 202212 August 2022

2023 SSAF Rates

The Australian Government has recently announced a delay in the provision of the maximum SSAF rate for 2023. The updated rates are expected later in the year.

Deferring payment (SA-HELP)

If you are eligible and do not wish to pay the SSAF upfront, you can defer your SSAF through SA-HELP. To apply for SA-HELP go to StudentConnect and select the SA-HELP menu option. This is a different form to HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP.

The amount of the loan will be added to your accumulated HELP debt. You can use SA-HELP even if you don't have any other HELP loan.

For further information on SA-HELP eligibility, visit our Government HELP Schemes website.

Cross Institutional Students

As SA-HELP is linked to your course of study, you can only access SA-HELP at your home provider. Incoming cross institutional students are not eligible to defer a SSAF incurred at Deakin via SA-HELP.

Who doesn't incur the SSAF?

International students

If you are an International student, including Inbound Exchange students, you are not charged the SSAF. Your tuition fees already include a component for the provision of services.

Cross institutional students

If you are undertaking cross institutional study, you may be charged SSAF by both providers. If you have already paid your SSAF at your home institution please provide proof of payment for the current study period or a copy of your invoice if you have deferred your SSAF at your home institution, so we can waive the Deakin SSAF.  Alternatively if you are going to another provider make sure you show them a copy of your invoice showing the fee has been paid to avoid being charged twice.

Higher Degree by Research students

Higher Degree by Research students do not incur the SSAF.

Students enrolled in a Future Learn course

Students enrolled in a Future Learn course do not incur the SSAF.


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