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Global Learning and International Experience Programs

Combine study and cultural immersion while gaining credit towards your degree. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Education have a range of global learning opportunities available for course credit in the areas of Communication, Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education.

TRAVEL UPDATE: COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to cause uncertainty around the world, leading to the Australian Government issuing a worldwide travel advisory of “Do not travel”. The health and wellbeing of our students and host communities is of primary importance to Deakin. Due to the high level of uncertainty, the University has decided to suspend all face-to-face global mobility programs and global internships scheduled to commence in 2021. Applications and approvals for overseas study will not open until the Australian Government travel restrictions allow international travel, and the University decides it is safe to do so. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide an update on the possibility of 2022 travel at the end of this year. In the meantime, there are plenty of online global learning opportunities available to students throughout the year.

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2021 Global Learning/International Experience Programs:

You can find information on current Trimester  2 and 3 programs that will be available to students in 2021 below. Please note there may be additional programs that will be added to these lists and updated throughout the year:

Trimester 3 Programs

Social Action & Community Engagement Internship in Fiji

Throughout this internship, you will be interning with Fiji Council Of Social Services (FCOSS) and will be supported by esteemed and experienced third party provider organisation AVI. Fiji Council Of Social Services is an NGO that strives to eliminate disadvantage and poverty from Fijian individuals and communities. They are a civil society organisation that strengthens people and communities in Fiji through advocacy and training.

You can learn more about the internship program here.

Unit Options: APE301 (1cp), AIS330 (2cp)

Approved International Experience for BIS students

NCP Grants Available

Applications open now and close Wednesday 13 October

Apply here

Humanities Industry Team Internship (HITI) Program

The Humanities Industry Team Internship program is a team-based agency-like placement where you will have the opportunity to work on a real project brief from Borneo organisation Heart Treasures.

Students working in this project will partner with the founders of Heart Treasures (Kiew Boon Siew and Bong Pei Fong), researching, planning, scoping and ultimately, ‘pitching’ a range of new ideas and innovations that will be useful for the organisation as it moves and grows. Students will work on issues such as online presence, social media, mentorship, merchandising, funding, international partnerships, advocacy, art therapy and a whole range of other issues associated with social enterprise.

This program will assist you to build skills in professional communication, team and client collaboration, project planning, research, engagement, pitching and presenting, working remotely and important work-ready skills to help you prepare for your career. Students who have completed the HITI program last year described the experience as meaningful, engaging, amazing and an enriching experience that they highly recommend to other students.

Learn more about the program here.

Unit Options: APE202(1cp) or APE301(1cp)

Approved International Experience for BIS students

Applications open now and close Wednesday 20 October

Apply here

An exciting and innovative work integrated learning initiative that offers internships within a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural team, developing a solution for not-for-profit or community organisations. Each project team is assigned an experienced industry mentor/project manager. You will be matched to projects once you have applied and are selected.

Unit Options:
APE201 (1cp), APE301 (1 cp), AIS330 (2cp), ACC320 (1cp), ACC317 (1cp)

Some Freelancing HUB projects can be approved towards 2021 International experience credit for students within the Bachelor of International Studies, as well as core Communication placements.

Applications for T3 open now:

Apply here

Indonesia Virtual Team Internship

This program offers in-depth experience working in the Asia-Pacific region. During this internship you will complete a four-week team remote/online placement with a leading organization in Indonesia on a project with real-world challenges and deliverables. The internship is specifically catered to your career aspirations and aligned with your field of study.

For Arts and Education and Commerce students, potential internship placements may include organisations such as ANZ, Air Asia, BDO Accounting, The Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office, Amartha Microfinance, MullenLowe Communications, Trade and Investment Queensland, Bluescope Steel, Lippo Karawaci, Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia, Red Nose Foundation, etc.

Program 1 offering dates: Nov - Dec (Learn more and apply here)
Program 2 offering dates: Jan - Feb (Learn more and apply here)

Unit Options:
APE201 (1cp), APE301 (1 cp), AIS330 (2cp), ACC317 (1cp), ACC318 (1cp), ACC320 (1cp), ACC700 (1cp)

Approved International Experience for BIS students

NCP Grants available

Applications for T3 open now

Apply for the Nov intake

Apply for the Jan intake

Indonesia Virtual Individual Internship

Flexible Dates: 4 - 6 weeks (Must apply 8 weeks before start)

This internship provides an opportunity for you to undertake a comprehensive online/virtual internship with an organisation located in one of the fastest growing capital cities in Southeast Asia -- Jakarta, Indonesia. You will work closely with our partner International Internships to secure a placement tailored to your discipline and interests. This program will not only provide you with valuable international work experience but will also give you the chance to build the foundations of an exciting and dynamic career.

Unit Options:
APE201 (1cp), APE301 (1 cp), AIS330 (2cp), ACC317 (1cp), ACC318 (1cp), ACC320 (1cp), ACC700 (1cp)

Approved International Experience for BIS students

NCP Grants available

Applications open now for T3 and close 17 October:

Apply here

Indonesian Language Short Course

Spend your summer on professional development through unique virtual internship experiences through The Australian Consortium for 'In-country' Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). ACICIS is a non-profit consortium of universities that develops and coordinates high-quality, in-country study options in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Language Short Course (ILSC) is a program that consists of intensive Indonesian language tuition incorporating language classes and interactive cultural experiences. The ILSC can be undertaken as either a three- or six- week program of study structured as follows:

  • A three-week intensive language course (approximately 140 hours total time commitment)
  • Two consecutive three-week intensive language courses (approximately 280 hours total time commitment)

Unit Options: APE202(1cp) or APE301(1cp)

Approved International Experience for BIS students

NCP Grants available

Applications open now and close 19 September

Apply here

Source your own internship for credit in a domestic or international organisation. Organising your own internship allows you the flexibility to decide where, when, and how you will intern. You can choose your organisation and focus of your experience, as well as the location (for example on-site or remotely located). Internships will be supervised by a professional in your study area, and allow you to build skills, knowledge and networks that are so valuable for your future career. Learn more about the process of sourcing and securing your own internship for credit here.

Opportunities available year round.

Note that once you secure an internship you are required to register your internship at least 2 weeks prior your start date with the WIL team. Instructions on how to do this are here.

Deakin University have a large number of fantastic industry relationships. When these organisations are looking for interns to join their team, we advertise these opportunities on our Jobs and Internships Board.

Opportunities available year round

Study with classmates from around the world at an overseas University.. Short Term Programs are a great way to experience study with an overseas partner University, without the commitment a full trimester or full year of study. 
Short Term Programs are typically between 2-6 weeks in duration. 
A list of all up and coming programs can be found here.

Approved International Experience for BIS students

Applications for T3 are open now

Further information can be found here

Bachelor of International Studies information:

As part of your degree, you are required to complete a certain number of International Experience credit points. The Work Integrated Learning team are here to help you plan and complete your core International Experience. Please note below how many credit points of International Experience you need to complete in order to meet your course requirements for graduation:

CourseInternational Experience Credit Required

Bachelor of International Studies (A326)

Minimum of 2 credit points of International Experience

Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar) (A306)

Minimum of 4 credit points of International Experience. At least 1 credit point of this must include an internship experience

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies (D328)

Minimum of 2 credit points of International Experience

Bachelor of International Studies / Bachelor of Commerce (D338)

Minimum of 2 credit points of International Experience

You can learn more about your International Experience course requirements in your University Handbook. The above trimester program listings are here to help you plan and secure your International Experience. Remember that the WIL team are here to support you in this process. You can contact us at any time for assistance and guidance.

It is also important students contact a Student Adviser regularly to discuss and confirm their enrolment requirements to ensure they are in line and on track with your course requirements for graduation. Please ensure to get in contact with the Student Central team at least twice a year to confirm these details: Contact a Student Adviser

Why undertake an independent internship for your 'International Experience'?

Organising an independent internship with a host organisation that you choose is a great way to network directly with professionals working in your industry, and prepare for your graduate job search. Internships give you the opportunity to gain practical experience supervised by a professional in your discipline

What makes an internship ‘International’?

For Bachelor of International Studies students, placements should be international in orientation and/or work within intercultural contexts. Some examples of organisations that fit these criteria are: Australian based organisations that work with culturally diverse populations that include people from (but are not limited to) First Nations, migrants and refugees; Australian based organisations that currently have or are seeking export capacity; and any organisation based internationally or domestically that is able to accommodate English speaking interns and enables you to experience the cultures, ideas, values and beliefs of nations other than Australia.

There is some flexibility within these guidelines and we want you to tell us how your placement will utilise and develop the skills that you have learned in your International Studies degree.

In these placements you could be engaged in these types of activities:

  • Research projects
  • Policy review, writing, interpreting
  • Social media campaigns
  • Field work
  • Marketing and communication projects
  • Event management
  • Fundraising campaigns (frontline fundraising is not suitable e.g. telephone fundraising, however working on strategy, event management etc. can be suitable)
  • Client liaison (where appropriate and not taking the place of a regular employee)

Learn more tips and tricks on securing your own internship at our Internship Process for Students page.

Funding your WIL experience

There may be some funding opportunities you can apply for to help support or fund your Global Learning/ International Experience program. Find up to date information regarding these opportunities here.

Planning your WIL experience

WIL experiences must be enrolled for-credit, so it’s important that you contact a Student Adviser to discuss your course progression and plan where Global Learning or International Experience will sit in your course.  Please  Contact a Student Adviser regularly to make sure you’re up to date and on track with your course credits and requirements.

Global Citizenship Program

In an increasingly globalised world, employers and businesses are looking for candidates who understand interdependent issues from local and global perspectives. Possessing a Deakin degree demonstrates that you are globally aware, culturally sensitive, and adapt well to new and diverse environments.

The Global Citizenship Program takes this to the next level. It is designed to enhance your cultural intelligence and strengthen your sense of community with inclusive leadership skills. The Program enhances your international engagement during your degree. You can undertake diverse global learning experiences such as:

  • International study experiences
  • International internships
  • Foreign language studies
  • Micro-credential accredited modules
  • Leadership in clubs/organisations with a global focus

View a full list of GCP-endorsed activities on the Deakin Abroad application portal. Upon completion of your global learning experiences, you are eligible to apply for a Global Citizenship Award, including our Deakin GCP micro-credential and the option of a further CQAccelerator micro-credential. Learn more about the program here.


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