Global Opportunities

Combine study and cultural immersion while
gaining credit towards your degree.

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Education
have a range of global learning opportunities 
available for course credit in the areas of
Communication, Creative Arts, Humanities, 
Social Sciences and Education.

Upcoming opportunities:

Program Name and Application URLProgram DatesUnitFunding Options*Application Dates
Social Enterprise Internship Program - Borneo (Malaysia) 28 Jan - 26 Feb 2023APE301 or AIS330NCP Grant closed
International Internships
(Indonesia or virtual) 
4 - 6 weeks
APE201, AWL203, AWL300 or AIS330WIL Student Support Schemeopen - ongoing
OS-Help Loans can be considered for a range of overseas programs, you can also visit our WIL Funding website for further details.
*individual and specific application procedures and eligibility criteria apply - see the Program and Funding URLs above for full details.

Global Experiential Learning (GEL) Programs:

GEL Programs offer Deakin students real and practical international experiences with employers and community aid through Work Integrated Learning, Social Impact Programs, and our High Achiever Series in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Work Integrated Learning

Self-Arranged Internships - you are responsible for finding and securing your own internship opportunity. If you have any questions or concerns about potential organisations and whether your potential organisation is suitable for an international internship, you must contact your course director to ensure you’re on the right track with securing an internship that will be approved for credit towards your degree. The process largely follows our standard internship process and you will have to submit your internship registration form at least a few months prior to commencement.

Faculty-led Programs - In these intensive 3–4-week programs, you can combine study and cultural immersion while gaining credit towards your degree. Guided by Deakin academics, the programs offer you unique opportunities otherwise out of reach.
Sign up for the Intern Alert so we can quickly identify you are seeking WIL opportunities and what your preferences are. This allows us to connect you to suitable positions, programs, and events.

Third-Party Provider Internships - where a Deakin-approved third-party internship provider (such as International Internships) helps arrange your placement with a host organisation.

Social Impact Programs

High Achiever Series

Selective research opportunities, prominent internships and global conferences for high achieving students looking to expand their skillset.

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship - This NCP scholarship provides successful students with a semester abroad, internships and language training in the Indo Pacific region for up to 18 months. Spend a year in Tokyo, a semester in Singapore, and six weeks in South Korea – build your own adventure.

The NCP is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific in Australia by supporting domestic undergraduate students to study and undertake internships in the region.

Other Deakin Abroad Options:

Short Term Partner Programs

Short Term Partner Programs are intensive global learning options to progress your degree during the June/July and T3 breaks. These 2-6 week long programs are offered by Deakin’s partner universities or approved hosts.

Types of short-term partner programs:

  • Exchange: You pay tuition fees to Deakin University as normal but pay all associated program costs directly to your host institution.
  • Study Abroad: You pay tuition fees and all associated program costs directly to your host institution.

Please refer to the specific program brochure to find out more information.

Trimester Abroad

A Trimester Abroad offers you a global learning opportunity at one of the many partners universities Deakin has an agreement with, for either one or two trimesters. With more than 150 partner universities all over the world, you have a vast range to choose from.

Before you start, review the application process which is explained on this downloadable flyer. You can refer to it at any time as you progress through your application. If you have any questions, please attend an information session and then contact Deakin Abroad.

Global Citizenship Program (GCP)

Undergoing a Deakin degree demonstrates that you are globally aware, culturally sensitive, and adapt well to new and diverse environments. The Global Citizenship Program is designed to enhance your cultural intelligence and strengthen your sense of community with inclusive leadership skills. The Program enhances your international engagement during your degree.

View a full list of GCP-endorsed activities on the Deakin Abroad application portal. Upon completion of your global learning experiences, you are eligible to apply for a Global Citizenship Award, including our Deakin GCP micro-credential and the possibility of a further CQAccelerator micro-credential. Learn more about the GCP on the Deakin Abroad website.

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