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ArtsEd Faculty International Focused Programs

Combine study and cultural immersion, while gaining credit towards your degree. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Education have a range of opportunities available for course credit in the areas of Communication, Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education.

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T3 2020 Virtual Online Programs

Applications for Trimester 3 virtual/online programs currently open for applications:

Freelancing HUB

An exciting and innovative work-integrated learning initiative that offers internships within a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural team, developing a solution for a not-for-profit or community organisations. Each project team is assigned an experienced industry mentor/project manager.​ You will be matched to projects once you have applied and are selected.

Unit Options: APE201 (1cp), APE301 (1 cp), or AIS330 (2cp)

Some Freelancing HUB projects can be approved towards 2020 international experience credit for students within the Bachelor of International Studies.

Applications for T3 are now open. Apply here

Individual Indonesia International Internships (virtual)

This internship program provides an opportunity for you to undertake a comprehensive online/virtual individual internship experience with an organisation located in one of the fastest growing capital cities in Southeast Asia - Jakarta, Indonesia. You will work closely with our approved third partner provider, International Internships, to secure a placement tailored to your discipline and interests.

This program will not only provide you with valuable international work experience but will also give you the chance to build the foundations of an exciting and dynamic career.

Unit Options: APE201 (1cp), APE301 (1cp) or AIS330 (2cp)

This program is an approved 2020 international experience credit point for students within the Bachelor of International Studies.

Applications for Trimester 3 will open in September.

Learn more about the program here

Short Term Partner Exchange Programs

Study overseas with classmates from around the world, led by Deakin Partner Universities or approved hosts. Short Term Programs are a great way to experience study with an overseas partner University, without the commitment a full trimester or full year of study.
Short Term Programs are typically between 2-6 weeks in duration.

Here are some Trimester 3 2020 virtual Short Term Partner prorgrams available for applications now:

Applications open now.

Learn more about each program and their individual application closing dates here.

2020 Travel - Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 continuing to cause uncertainty in Australian communities and around the world, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all Faculty led Global Mobility Programs for 2020. The health and wellbeing of our students and host communities is of primary importance to Deakin. Please be assured this is not a decision we have taken lightly. Throughout the year we will be evaluating the situation and will have a clearer understanding of the possibility for travel in 2021 later this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Work Integrated Learning team at artsed-wil@deakin.edu.au or 03 9246 8759.

Future Travel Options - Post COVID-19 Impact & Beyond

Although 2020 travel is not possible at this stage, you can still use this time to plan out and research your potential options for travel throughout your degree. Although these will be tentative plans that may change or may not be possible due to the impact of COVID-19, it's always good to do some research and understanding your options so that if/when travel becomes an option within studies, you will be prepared. Please find below information on all University credit-baring travel options for Arts and Education students:

Study Tours and Immersion Programs

Study Tours are 2 to 3 weeks in duration over Trimester 3. A Deakin academic will lead you and group of classmates on an intensive academic tour to a country of strategic importance to your studies.

In-Country Language Program

Available for students completing studies in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or Indonesian language. The programs provide a ‘total immersion’ experience and the opportunity to spend between 5-8 weeks studying the respective language and culture in its own environment.

Global Education Program (GEP)

Education students, this is your opportunity to gain professional experience outside Victoria, Australia. The GEP will help you develop a broad range of teaching and learning approaches, giving your future teaching applications an edge. Step outside your comfort zone experience teaching in a different culture.

Short Term Partner Program

Study overseas with classmates from around the world, led by Deakin Partner Universities or approved hosts. Short Term Programs are a great way to experience study overseas, without the commitment a full trimester of full year of study. Short Term Programs are typically between 2-6 weeks in duration and offered in the break between T1 & T2 and throughout T3. These programs are managed through the central Deakin Abroad team. For more information, visit their website here.

Trimester Abroad

Study one trimester of a full year overseas at one of Deakin’s many partner universities. Deakin has partners in Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United Kingdom and USA. Planning for a Trimester Abroad program starts early, usually at least a year in advance. To get started visit the Deakin Abroad website here.

Volunteer Abroad

Global volunteering projects are designed to introduce you to new people and places, expand your understanding of different cultures throughout the world and engage with unique communities. Projects are offered in the break between T1 & T2 and throughout T3. Credit available towards APE201 Individual Professional Project. For more information, visit the Deakin Abroad website here.

Individual International Internships

Individual international internships are a fantastic opportunity for you to gain insight and experience in a different countries workplace. By undertaking an internship abroad, you will see yourself living overseas and gaining work experience in a local host organisation. How great will this look on your resume!?

Students are responsible for finding and securing their own internship opportunity, and all internships must count towards credit. Students considering an international internship must follow the steps outlined on the Internship process for students website.

There are a number of ways students can arrange their own internship abroad. They are:

  • Through online job sites advertising internship opportunities
  • Through researching and contacting organisations abroad directly
  • Through your own network of contacts
  • Through a Third Party Provider

A third party provider helps you arrange and secure an internship with an overseas host organisation directly. They can also assist with organising your living arrangements when abroad, your visa etc. Please note that an application and/or program fee may apply and all placements sourced through third-party providers are subject to Unit Chair approval for credit Internship providers include (but are not limited to):

Please note that internships in the United States will not be approved towards credit. This is due to recent changes in the visa requirements for credited programs in the US.

If you have any questions or concerns about potential organisations and whether your potential organisation is suitable for an international internship, you can contact the Faculty of Arts and Education - Work Integrated Learning Team via artsed-wil@deakin.edu.au or call 03 9246 8759.

Global Citizenship Program

Deakin's Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is specifically designed to engage you with a variety of global programs and activities that can build up your skills in areas that are important in the global workplace and global community. You will accumulate points for each global activity completed. Once you complete the required number of activity points, you will be eligible to receive an official completion certificate to include in your resume and future job applications.

Example activities for GCP recipient:

  • Trimester Abroad USA = 60 pts
  • DeakinTALENT workshop = 5 pts
  • Short Term Program UK = 30 pts
  • Writing for Deakin blog = 5 pts

TOTAL 100 points = eligible for completion of the GCP.

Planning for overseas experiences

It is important students contact a Student Adviser regularly to discuss whether you have the space in your course for overseas and virtual experiences that can contribute towards your course. Contact a Student Adviser


Contact the ArtsEd Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team

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