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Laser and water-jet cutting

The Heavy Manufacturing lab provides access to world-class cutting technologies (in laser and 5-axis water-jet cutting) for complex shapes in a large range of materials.

Spaces and open times

The heavy manufacturing lab is located at KE1.223 and open from 9am–4pm weekdays.

These laboratory spaces contain several different pieces of equipment as outlined below. Usage of all equipment must be approved by a technical staff member and appropriate inductions, training and project safety assessment must be completed.

  • Laser cutters
  • Water-jet cutter
  • Horizontal band saw
  • Vertical band saw
  • Lathe.

For laser cutting cutting and water jet cutting the tech team will require a DXF file to work from, please follow the steps taken in the following video to convert your sketches to DXF Files. Once complete attach them to an email and send it to sebe-eng-laser@deakin.edu.au with your material specifications and quantity.

Equipment information and resources

Explore the lab

Laser and wet-jet cutting team

Rod Seiffert
Senior Technical Officer
+61 3 5227 1264 

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