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Deakin provides access to user friendly testing, characterisation and inspection for any solid material. Tensile testing, hardness testing, surface profilometry and SEM is available for students, industry, and the wider Deakin community.

Whether you want to learn the technology and methods yourself, or need some additional expertise on your next project, we are here to help.

Spaces and open times

The lab is only accessible with swipe card access on weekdays from 8am–6pm. Approval of swipe card access applications requires completion of level 2 local area induction.

Consultations are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am during trimester.

The lab consists of six laboratory spaces:

  • Materials test lab – KE2.101
  • Heat treatment lab – KE2.101.01
  • Metallography lab – KE2.101.02
  • Engineering science lab – KE2.103
  • Microscopy lab – KE2.103.02
  • Corrosion lab – KE2.104

These lab spaces contain several different pieces of equipment as outlined below. Usage of some equipment must be booked in the outlook calendar using the provided email addresses.

Other general lab equipment available includes:

  • analytical balances
  • water quality meters, such as pH, conductivity, ion selective electrodes
  • ultrasonicator
  • dessicators
  • magnetic stirrers.

Equipment information and resources

Explore the lab

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