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Optical profilometry


Bookings can be made for use during the day between the hours of 9am–5pm. Please make sure you only book for the time you will be using. If you need to change or cancel your booking, please provide as much notice as possible and email the Alicona Optical Profilometer contact group to inform other users of the instruments availability. Any booking that does not commence within 30 minutes of its start time will be cancelled and the opportunity for other users to book will be given.

Bookings from 5pm–9am are to be used for scanning overnight. It is the responsibility of the student/researcher to ensure that scans conducted overnight are saved and samples collected prior to the booking commencing on the next day.

All requests for Alicona bookings are tentative until accepted by the technician. No-one can book the time while your booking is marked tentative. A booking will remain tentative until you have completed the induction and a project safety assessment is in place.

School of Engineering students are given preference during weeks 6–9 of trimester.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


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