Change of visa status

Notifying change of status – student visa to permanent/temporary residence

If you change your visa from a student visa to another visa such as permanent or temporary residence (PR or TR), you are required to notify the University as soon as possible after the change so that we can complete our reporting requirements to the Government.

Change of visa status

A change in your visa status may result in different conditions being attached to your visa.

If you change your visa from a student visa to PR or TR, please notify us by:

  • Scanning a copy of your new visa and your passport to DI Quality and Compliance at Alternatively, you can present your new visa document and passport to Student Central to forward to
  • Your COE will be cancelled as you no longer hold a student visa, you will be notified when this occurs
  • Your visa status will be verified and recorded in the university system and forwarded to Deakin Student Administration (DSA) to up date your visa status (and fee category, if required)
    • Your visa status in the Deakin system will change to 'Non student visa holder' if you have transferred to another temporary visa
    • Students who change to TR status are still considered international students for fee purposes
    • If you have gained a permanent visa: DSA in consultation with Faculties will change your status tor to Domestic Fee Paying (PG) or Commonwealth Supported (UG). You will be notified when this change occurs.
    • If you are eligible, you will also be notified to complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF/SA HELP) to request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP for FEE-HELP assistance

    If you had a scholarship or bursary allocated to you while you were an international student, your change of visa subclass may impact on your ongoing eligibility for the scholarship or bursary.

Notifying change of status – temporary residence to student visa

There are rare occasions when a student needs to change their visa from a temporary residence (TR) visa to a student visa. In such cases, it is very important that you notify the University of this change immediately as your eligibility to remain in Australia will depend on your student visa being processed. To notify us of a change of visa status from TR to student visa, you should:

  • Take your passport and new visa to Student Central on your campus.
  • Student Central will send a copy of your change of visa status to the Admissions, Enrolments and Records Team so that your details are updated on the student system.
  • Student Central will also send a copy of your change of visa status to Deakin International Admissions who will check that you meet the eligibility requirements of an international student visa holder and, if so, will issue a new CoE and send this to you so that you can apply for your student visa.
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