Can I apply for financial assistance for my placement?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for the WIL Student Support Scheme, which can help to relieve financial stress and allow you to take a placement experience domestically or overseas. Please note that the scheme has strict eligibility criteria and funding levels can vary depending on the unit taken and duration of placement. Other scholarships may be available.

International Students and Compliance

Please ensure that you are aware of your student visa conditions and understand that placement hours may contribute to permitted work hours in Australia. Please refer to the following webpage regarding Compliance and Visas for more information.

Why am I unable to enrol in the WIL unit via StudentConnect?

Some WIL units are “locked” until your placement has been formally approved by the WIL team. If you haven’t received approval yet, please wait until you have received instructions on how to enrol.  You can also contact health-wil@deakin.edu.au for further assistance.

Can I undertake the placement part time or does it have to be completed full time?

You may be able to negotiate with your supervisor at the organisation and discuss how you wish to complete the hours/days required for the placement.

Do I require a Working With Children Check?

Some units and organisations require you to complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC) in order to participate in WIL.

The check focuses on specific types of offences that relate to children and assesses a person’s suitability to work with children. It is a legal requirement for those undertaking paid or voluntary child-related work in all Australian states and territories. Similar requirements may be required for placements in other countries.

Please refer to the Health WIL Student Application Process for detailed information

Do I require a Police Check?

You will be required to complete a police check through Fit2Work, the organisation Deakin uses to process police checks, BEFORE you commence placement.

Please refer to the Health WIL Student Application Process for detailed information.

Insurance Cover?

Insurance Cover
Deakin University provides Insurance Cover for Students Completing a Placement Experience approved by Deakin University.

You are covered under Deakin’s insurance policies while on placement as long as the placement is approved by Deakin and is a requirement of your studies, If you would like to continue in a volunteer capacity past the formal placement period, the organisation must agree and provide their own insurance cover.

Any accidents, injuries or incidents must be reported immediately to the Health WIL team, who will follow university procedure for making a report and lodging an insurance claim.

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