General health

The importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing throughout your lifetime by incorporating exercise, diet, preventative health checks, sleep management, managing mental health issues, finding ways to relax and unwind are all important aspects of our health and wellbeing.

Deakin Medical centres on campus promote a healthy lifestyle that will enhance your ability to study, work and relax.

The following links provide general health information and advice, the issues listed are commonly seen in the medical centres and other health and wellbeing services on campus.  Please note website information does not replace the need to  seek an appointment to see a health professional to discuss health concerns as often they require expertise and referral.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is a diet which includes a range of healthy and nutritious foods important for health and wellbeing. Limiting take away and fast foods, foods high in sugar and fat will ensure we stay well and manage our risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Find out more - information sourced from BetterHealth Vic

Physical activity

Physical activity is most important for maintaining health and wellbeing, it is easy to sit at a desk and study or work all day but we need to ensure throughout the day that we move around, stretch, go for a walk at lunchtime or find out more about Sport and Recreation at Deakin

Find out more - information sourced from BetterHealth Vic

Sexual health

Sexual Health is an important component of our health but is often not discussed or spoken about.  Detailed information is available on the Sexual Health and Relationships page. The doctors and nurses working on campus can provide information, referral and advice.

Men's health

Many men do not seek medical advice or assistance often believing they will "be right", preventative men's health checks are important including blood pressure checks, prostate examination, skin checks for moles and sun damage and cholesterol checks.  Men also may need someone to talk to other than family or friends when trying to manage and work through mental health issues.

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*Information sourced from BetterHealth Vic

Women's health

Women have particular health and wellbeing needs throughout their lifetime as they move through stages in their life, it is important to seek assistance through health practitioners.

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Deakin's Multifaith Chaplains deliver an important link for staff and students between the wisdom and guidance offered by all religions and the diversity of beliefs. It is not necessary to belong to any religious faith in order to use the chaplaincy services.

Mental health and academic success

Deakin provides support services to assist you with your transition into and throughout university life, as well as programs to help you overcome difficulties and barriers associated with coming to and staying at university.

Additional resources are also available on the Mental health webpage to assist you.

Appointments are available for students to see a member of the Deakin Counselling Service on campus.  This is a free and confidential service with qualified and experienced practitioners.

Employee Wellbeing Support

Enployee wellbeing support for Deakin staff is available. Further information can be found on DeakinHub or through your HR Contact.


Deakin does not allow smoking on campus. This includes all Deakin campuses, motor vehicles and extramural premises, such as field stations, regional campuses, galleries or theatres. This policy was implemented to create a healthy and safe environment for all Deakin students, staff and associates.

Deakin Medical Centres can support smokers to reduce or quit smoking. For any enquiries or to book an appointment please contact your medical centre on campus.

As another useful resource to assist smokers to quit, we recommend visiting the Quit Victoria website.

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