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Coping with breakups


It doesn't really matter who ended the relationship or why your relationship has ended, breakups can leave you feeling heartbroken, lost, or even physically ill. You might cry, feel restless or have less motivation or energy. Your sleeping patterns and appetite may also be disrupted. If these problems persist and start to affect your study and work life, then consider seeking professional advice through a counsellor.

What to do

Tips for coping with a breakup

While there’s no magic formula to end the pain of a breakup, having healthy coping mechanisms is essential to getting over your ex and moving on. Here are some tips to help you manage:

    Take time to heal. Whatever you are feeling now won’t last forever, it just will take time.
  • Get your confidence back by doing things you enjoy, whether that’s hanging out with friends, going to the movies, cooking a nice meal or going for a long walk.
  • Be kind to yourself and take care of your physical health through regular exercise and good nourishing food.
  • Be with positive people, people who like you for who you are, and can accept that you will be unsettled for a while.
  • Give back. Performing acts of kindness towards others has been shown to improve well-being and help relieve depression.
  • Find someone to talk to that you can share all your thoughts and feelings with.
  • Try starting a journal to record your thoughts and feelings about the breakup. This can help you process difficult emotions surrounding the loss of your relationship.

Remember that breakups can have a positive side. You can learn more about yourself and what you want from future relationships. You can develop coping skills, become more independent, have more time to spend with friends and do the things that you enjoy.

Getting support

If you need help getting through a breakup, Deakin's Counselling service is available to you.

The DeakinWELLBEING app can help you develop healthy habits and find balance during tough times.

More help and advice

headspace has information on how to breakup with someone, what might help you through a breakup and what to do when your ex moves on.

ReachOut can provide you with tips and tricks for coping with a breakup and getting through tough times.

The Breakup Shakeup app provides ideas for fun, easy things to do to help you cope after a breakup. The app teaches you that planning activities and increasing your social support will help you recover faster.

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