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Dealing with culture shock


Studying in Australia can offer you a lot of exciting opportunities, but it can feel overwhelming at first.

Culture shock is a feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life. Nearly all international students experience some feelings of culture shock of homesickness when they arrive in a new country.

It is normal to experience lots of changes in your emotions as you adjust to life in Australia. There will be times you’ll feel excited and curious about living in a new culture, but at other times you might feel sad or frustrated if you don’t know anyone here or you’re trying to learn a new language.

What to do

Students who honour their home culture while getting involved in Australian culture tend to feel less stress as they adjust to life in Australia. These tips might help you settle into life in Australia and at Deakin.

  • Accept that you will miss home sometimes. Remember to stay in touch with your loved ones for emotional support.
  • Attend the events on your orientation itinerary. This will help you find your way and begin to feel part of Deakin’s student community.
  • Join a social club or talk to other students so you can start making new friends. You may find it helpful to seek out other international students at first.
  • Join our International Students Facebook group. It will help you feel connected to other international students who might have similar insights and queries as you.
  • If you see another student who seems lonely, try to talk to them. You might be able to help them adjust or even make a friend who can relate to your situation.
  • Your health and wellbeing are important. Good health will make sure you adjust to life in Australia. Book your free health check today to help you keep healthy.
  • Download the DeakinWELLBEING app. DeakinWELLBEING can help you find balance and keep healthy habits during your transition to life in Australia and at Deakin.

Getting support

Remember that feelings of culture shock and homesickness are common, and you are not alone: there are people here at Deakin who can help you.

Student Central is your starting point for all support services. They can refer you to the best combination of services at Deakin for your situation, including:

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