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Staying safe on campus


Your safety is a priority at Deakin. The University works hard to always protect you and your possessions. Taking on board the following safety tips will help ensure you are always in a safe environment.

What to do


SafeZone is a free app available for use by all Deakin University students and staff, which connects you directly to the Security team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on all campuses, and the Geelong inter-campus bus route.

Using the SafeZone app means you can:

  • contact Deakin security;
  • send your location to the security team, who will be able to come and assist you;
  • track the inter-campus shuttle bus in Geelong;
  • check-in when you arrive on campus to ensure your safety or alternatively set the automatic check-in through the settings on your smartphone; and
  • receive updates from the security team if there is an incident on campus that requires you to take action, this may include ongoing advice and instructions on how to stay safe.

Download SafeZone for your Apple or Android device and register with your Deakin email address.

Safer Community service

Safer Community is a University-wide service aimed at keeping all campuses safe. Staff at the service respond to all reports of behaviour that are concerning, inappropriate or threatening and offer support to all parties involved.

If you have witnessed or experienced behaviour or communication from someone that has caused you fear, offence or distress, you can contact the Safer Community service for help and advice on 9244 3734.

Safety tips

  • Download SafeZone.
  • Contact Safer Community to report problem behaviour, or to disclose sexual harm, family violence and missing persons.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings in your car unattended and park your car in well-lit areas and keep it locked.
  • Know your transport timetable to avoid long waits at bus or train stations.
  • Walk briskly and confidently with purpose at night. Be alert, and always trust your instincts.
  • Pay attention to your intuition. If any area doesn’t feel safe – avoid it.
  • At night, walk with a group of people where possible.
  • The security team are available to escort you to your vehicle if you are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. You can contact them on 1800 062 579.
  • If you’re staying back late, inform your family or friends of where you are and when you can be expected home.
  • Store important Deakin contact phone numbers in your mobile phone. Campus Security can be contacted on 1800 062 579 and the police on 000.

Getting support

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