Transition to University

Starting at University is usually filled with excitement hope and opportunities.  New faces, new rules, uncertainty, and confusion can often follow. Welcome to university. Starting anywhere new has its challenges.  Often our expectation don't match with our experience.  Sometimes this can make you doubt whether you have made the right decision to attend uni.

Many people struggle with change, and your response can be different depending on the type of change. One day you can handle it really well, in fact love the whole idea; the next you may find that you don't like it at all and would rather have some stability in your life. Some tips to help you manage your transition to university include:

  • Give it time. It can sometimes take several months to really get used to being at university.
  • Be positive about the experience. Growth only happens from change.
  • Set realistic expectations for yourself.
  • Try and keep some things in your life the same.
  • Make an extra effort to meet people early in the trimester as they are also going through change and are looking to meet people.
  • Talk about the difficulties you are having with others. Don't bottle them up as this just adds pressure.
  • Invest time in orientation activities
  • If you need help, make an appointment with Deakin Counselling Service
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