Challenging friendships

You will meet many new people during your time at Deakin University. You will learn with them, stress out with them, succeed with them, and party with them. At the same time, because you are now at university, you will spend less time with the friends you had previously at school or work.

Even though the other students in your class have a similar interest to you, there is an enormous range of people at Deakin University, from Victoria, Australia, and the world. There is a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself and the world around you from the other students who you meet.

As you spend less time with old friends, perhaps move away from home, develop new friendships, and make more choices for yourself, some of your old friendships may fade away. This can be sad as your school/work friends have been important to you. If you want to keep old friendships going, an extra effort to communicate with them will be necessary.

Perhaps it is you that is feeling left behind by a friend who has found a new group of friends. Express your concern to them and try to work out a way in which you can still see enough of each other. If you think about all the friends you had when you were a child, and how many you still have contact with, you realise that some friendships last a lifetime, but not many. Don't miss out on making friends at university because you are spending all your time on existing friendships. You have lots to offer others, as they do to you. Go and find out what that might be.

Getting help at Deakin

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