Stress management

Stress, what is it?

Stress is a normal part of studying for a university degree, but if you don't manage your study load and your other commitments well, the stress can become overwhelming.

Stress is experienced when you perceive there are high demands made on your time, ability, or personal resources, and you also perceive that you have little control over these demands. Your perception plays an important part in experiencing stress, it is a very individual thing and varies enormously between students.

Stress and your study

You can keep your study related stress down by staying on top of your study load. You can do this by using your time well each day, during the week, and across the trimester. You are expected to commit about 40 hours study a week for a full time study load. What you don't do today, will need to be done tomorrow. Don't wait until the assignment is due tomorrow!

High demand for assignments + low control of time left = stress city! Use a daily diary and have a wall chart for the trimester to help you manage your time and stay on top and up to date with your university work.

Quick tips

  • Plan, plan, plan your study.
  • Find out what is required of you at university so you know what is required of you.
  • Use the stress as a motivator to meet the challenge, be your best.
  • Have fun and exercise regularly, and eat well.
  • Know what your signs of stress are.
  • If you find your stress is preventing you from completing your work, seek help.

Getting help at Deakin

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