Your self-esteem

Self-esteem is an individual's evaluation of their own self-worth. Self-esteem is not fixed and can change over time and between situations. For example, you may feel better about yourself as a friend or a sportsperson than you do of yourself as a student.

Your self-esteem can be affected by your own "inner voice", that is the way you speak to yourself and the expectations you place on yourself. It can also be affected by the way you are treated by those others.  

While you are at Deakin University make sure that you are participating in a variety of activities that you feel good about. When you study, enjoy your successes, learn from failures, feel good about yourself for the effort you put in. Ways to help you maintain or improve self esteem include:

  • Acknowledging your strengths and feel good about them. It is often helpful to make a list of positive things about yourself at the end of each day.
  • Get involved in something you enjoy or that interests you, such as a sport or hobby.
  • Use positive self-talk and challenge any of your negative thoughts.
  • Keep good company by spending time with friends who have positive attitudes towards life and who respect you for who you are.
  • Set yourself realistic goals, prioritise your tasks and complete things one step at a time. Reward yourself when you complete tasks.

Taking it further

  • Reach Out information relating to self-esteem and how you can improve it.

Getting help

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