Spinner U5-620

A 5 Axis CNC mill operating on X, Y and Z axis' through the high-speed spindle, the Spinner U5-620 is capable of 12,000 RPM. The Spinner also features A and C axis bed movements making up the 5-axis control of the machine.

Typical work pieces

typical work pieces for us620


General manufacturing materials are:

  • aluminium
  • carbon steel
  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • titanium
  • nylon (in certain applications).

Please contact technical staff to discuss material requirements.


Besides general machining operations, the Spinner U5-620 has a few accessories that may be utilised for research and projects.

Kistler Triaxial Force Sensor Load Cell

  • Cutting force measurement in precision machining.
  • High speed machining.
  • Cutting force measurements on turning machines.
  • Calibration of force measuring devices of tool monitoring systems.
  • accessories for us620

File preparation

Spinner U5-620 files need to be provided as Part, Solid Part, STEP, IGES or IGS format. Dimensions need to be in millimetres (mm).

View file export information from Fusion 360, Solid Works and Inventor Programs (PDF, 271.9 KB)

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