Put off procrastination

Are you reading this because you want to stop procrastinating, or because you are procrastinating?

What is procrastination?

Procrastinating is putting off doing a required task, often by finding something else to do. This creates a lot of stress because the task still needs to be done, and you run out of time to do it in. The result is that when you do hand in the assignment (if you do at all), it is far from your best work.

Reasons for procrastinating include:

  • not being motivated in your course,
  • perfectionism,
  • believing the task is too difficult, too big or too boring,
  • fear of failure, or
  • poor time management.

Procrastination has a way of rewarding itself. When you stop studying to procrastinate, the anxiety about the study goes away and you feel better. This reward is short lived however as you soon realise that the task still needs to be done, only now with less time and more anxiety. To overcome procrastination you need to put up with some anxiety so you can start your study. The reward and relief of having completed an assignment that you are proud of is much greater than the quick fix you get by procrastinating.

Quick tips

  • Start now!
  • Break down your work into smaller, more achievable tasks.
  • Then reward yourself after completing each task
  • Study with someone else.
  • Plan your study for the week ahead
  • Set realistic goals

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