Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are supplied with a hazardous substance or dangerous good by the manufacturer or supplier and must be available close to the chemical. Current, comprehensive SDS’s are readily available on Chemwatch. This is a licensed web-based chemical information system available online.

When a Deakin computer is used on campus no password is required. This link provides read-only access. When a computer is used off campus, no password is required provided that you are connected to the Deakin encrypted VPN, as per the picture below.

Write access to specific Chemwatch manifests for updates etc. can be provided, along with Chemwatch training for Staff who manage chemical stores. If you have a particular requirement please contact OHS (Campus Services).

An eLearning training package is available inside Chemwatch, go to the eLearning button at the top right of the Chemwatch page.

Select Gold FFX Basic Users Guide.

Gold FFX Basic Users Guide

Storage Manifests

All areas using or storing 20kg/20L or more of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Substances are required to maintain a manifest. This can be done within Chemwatch.  Please contact Health Wellbeing and Safety on if you need assistance or more information.

For Guidelines about how to prepare your chemical register for upload into ChemWatch please see the ChemWatch Register Compilation Guidelines .

Follow the link to see the required ChemWatch Excel Template for uploading.

For laboratories which require inventory upload to both ChemWatch and TRACIE, please use the ChemWatch TRACIE  combination template

Chemwatch and TRACIE

How will Chemwatch work with TRACIE? Please see the ChemWatch and TRACIE presentation.

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