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OHS induction standard

All new staff members and staff members whose job requirements have substantially changed must receive an induction. This requirement applies to part-time, temporary and casual staff as well as to full-time staff. This standard also applies to contractors such as consultants or "temps" that are under the direct control of a University manager/supervisor where there are no other specific contractor induction arrangements.

Induction training is normally carried out within the first week of employment as part of normal local workplace induction procedures. Specialised training may need to be scheduled over a longer period. Staff must not carry out or be asked to carry out hazardous or potentially hazardous work until they have been adequately trained or are directly supervised by trained staff


Deans, directors, heads of school and other senior managers are responsible for setting up and maintaining appropriate induction training processes for their areas.

The direct line manager or supervisor of the new staff member is responsible for carrying out their induction training. Where training is delegated to another person or unit, it remains the manager's responsibility to ensure that the new staff member is competent to carry out their work safely.

Staff members have an obligation to follow safe working procedures at all times, and to take all reasonable precautions to prevent personal injury or injury to others and damage to plant and equipment. Staff members also have a responsibility to advise their supervisor where they have concerns about the safety of work processes or practices.

Developing safety induction training processes

Managers must ensure that safety induction training performed in their areas adequately covers both general University OHS issues and hazards specific to their work area. The sample of a Health and Safety Induction Checklist (DOC, 46.0 KB) can be adapted for use in their area.

Managers must ensure that new staff members are made familiar with:


The OHS induction process for each staff member should be documented and the associated records maintained by the local area or provided to Human Resources Services Division for the personnel file. The Health and Safety Induction Checklist (DOC, 46.0 KB) or a local variation can be used. The details that must be recorded include:

  • staff member's name and the name of the responsible supervisor/manager
  • names of any other persons or organisations involved in the training
  • position
  • date(s) of the training
  • an outline of the training, checklist or reference to a manual or procedure
  • signed acknowledgement of the training by the new staff member and supervisor.

Health and safety induction is a normal part of regulatory enforcement and internal good practice. To demonstrate compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act, the following may be required:

  • familiarity of personnel involved with the induction procedure
  • copy of local induction program and supporting materials such as training notes
  • staff member induction records.

Other supporting documents

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