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Chemical Identification

A hazardous substance or a dangerous good is labelled by the manufacturer to indicate this. A hazardous substance has a "hazardous substance" statement (or internationally used symbols) on the container label and a dangerous good has a diamond-shaped label on the container with a class name written in it. Dangerous goods have a specific classification scheme using dangerous goods class (classes 1 – 9), subsidiary risk class and packing group (pack I, II and III).

Where a label has become detached or illegible, the chemical must be identified by analysis and re-labelled, or disposed of as if it were a dangerous good and a hazardous substance.

Where intermediaries (chemical substances created only for the purpose of later use in the same project or process) or other substances "manufactured" from hazardous substances or dangerous goods are stored, even for short periods, they must be labelled accordingly.For decanted or made up solutions they shall also have the name of the user, contact phone no and date solution was made up or decanted.

Hazardous Substance Label

Comparison of Hazard Pictograms with ADG Code Class

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