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High Consequence Dangerous Goods

High consequence dangerous goods pose significant security and safety risks if they are not used and stored appropriately.

High consequence dangerous goods are:

  • ammonium nitrate
  • calcium ammonium nitrate containing more than 45% ammonium nitrate
  • ammonium nitrate emulsions and mixtures containing more than 45% ammonium nitrate.

Tertiary education institutions in Victoria are exempt from licensing approvals under the following conditions:

  • the HCDG is for the purposes of educational instruction, research or testing; and
  • that the quantity does not exceed 3 kg per area.

The HWS Unit (HR) must be contacted for advice regarding quantities of 3 kilograms or more. Further information can also be obtained from WorkSafe including the requirements for permits. The relevant legislation is the Dangerous Goods (HCDG) Regulations.

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