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Attributes of a Deakin graduate

All Deakin programs will encourage students to develop attitudes of intellectual curiosity and motivation for independent thinking, autonomous learning and reflective professional and personal practice, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Appropriate to its level of study and discipline composition, each program will be designed to ensure that students develop their knowledge and understanding as well as a range of generic skills. These are described below.

Knowledge and understanding

  • understanding of, and the ability to work with, a systematic body of knowledge, appropriate to the focus and level of the qualification based on the highest standards of scholarship and research and where research is undertaken:
    • understanding of the professional, social, economic and cultural contexts of the discipline and related fields
    • contribution to new knowledge, or an original interpretation and application of existing knowledge
    • understanding of the social, economic and cultural impact and application of their research, and its academic relevance and value
  • understanding of the professional, social, economic and cultural contexts of the discipline and related fields
  • awareness of ethical issues, social responsibility and cultural diversity
  • awareness of environmental sustainability issues and the contribution of the field of study to address such issues
  • understanding and appreciation of international perspectives in a global environment.


  • critical analysis, problem solving, and creative thinking
  • identifying, gathering, evaluating and using information
  • communicating effectively and appropriately in a range of contexts
  • developing, planning and managing independent work
  • working effectively as part of a team
  • effectively using information and communication technologies
  • applying knowledge learned in the program to new situations.

These attributes are listed in Schedule A of the 'Higher Education Courses operational policy'#.

Deakin University staff can access Learning@Deakin for more information on developing and assessing graduate attributes.

# Procedures, policies or legislation from this year may have been replaced with revised or new versions and the links to these documents have been removed. To access documents relevant to this year, please contact the Records Unit.

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