Employee Assistance Program

Deakin's EAP (Employee Assistance Program) provider Benestar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What sort of issues/ problems can I use the EAP service for?

Answer: EAP can provide short-term, personal and confidential counselling across a broad spectrum of personal and work related issues that have the ability to impact day to day functioning and wellbeing such asresponsibility at work, work-life balance, depression/anxiety, stress management, managing change, emotional stress, relationship issues, interpersonal conflict or problems such as gambling or substance abuse.

Do I need a referral to use this service?

Answer: No, however your manager may refer you to the service if there is a need.

How many sessions can I access as part of the EAP?

Answer: Up to 6 sessions per issue are available for all staff members.  The program is centrally funded by Deakin University and it is therefore a free service to you.

Can my family members access the service?

Answer: Yes, your family members who live in your household can use the EAP service.

Is this service completely confidential and how much is reported back to employers?

Answer: Yes, the program is personal. All information obtained is strictly confidential unless the employee requests the Counsellor to communicate with a third party. Benestar is bound by Australian privacy law and guidelines relating to the privacy of health information. Where an issue raised has broader implications for the department, the employee may agree to contact the Staff Wellbeing Team via staffwellbeing@deakin.edu.au

How and when can I access this service?

Answer: You can access Deakin's EAP provider by calling 1300 360 364 toll free (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Benestar has a call centre that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The professional Client Services triages calls ensuring that urgent issues are dealt with by one of their counsellors immediately.

What types of support does this service offer for managers/leaders?

Answer: The My Coach for People Leaders service will continue to be offered by Benestar.  If you are responsible for leading staff, you can contact Benestar on 1300 360 364 if you want personal support or assistance with:

  • dealing with day-to-day workplace stressors
  • guiding your team through change
  • dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • strategies to improve team relationships
  • approaches to positively address performance
  • how to deal with challenging situations in the workplace
  • how to support a team member you’re concerned about

Is the ‘Manager Assist’ or ‘My Coach for People Leaders’ service free?

Yes, there is no cost for individual Manager Assist consulting. However all ‘team building’ and ‘add-on’ information or education sessions provided by Benestar for groups of staff may be billed separately as an extra.

The cost for those sessions will be directed back to the organisational area who requested it.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Staff Wellbeing team at staffwellbeing@deakin.edu.au

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