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Happy and Safe Festive Season

As the festive period approaches, it can be a time of celebration, gift giving and family togetherness: a time of joy and recuperation (hopefully). However for some people it can be a period of heightened safety risk and mental stress.

It could be that you or someone you care about are dealing with a loss, isolation, family conflict, financial difficulties, loneliness or mental health issues. These factors can, in some circumstances, lead to family violence, drink/ drug driving, feelings of loneliness and poor mental health outcomes. In addition, this is a period of increased workplace fatalities and serious injuries.

However, there are some steps you can take to help manage stress and anxiety during the festive period.

The Victorian Better Health site provides tips to reduce festive season stress specially tackling:

Budgeting for Christmas

Christmas presents

Christmas shopping

Christmas lunch (or dinner)

Relationships at Christmas

Reducing the stress of Christmas cards and mail

The Commonwealth Health Direct site provides advice and resources on stress, anxiety, and loneliness as well as dealing with  feelings of  grief and  sadness.

Beyond Blue also provides help on coping with Christmas.

Deakin's Health Wellbeing and Safety Team wish you a safe and happy festive season.

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